California Woman Missing After Snorkeling Found Dead

Rebecca Weiss' body was positively identified but her death only raises more questions.
3:00 | 08/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Woman Missing After Snorkeling Found Dead
Over to bianna now. We'll turn now to the story of the case of missing california woman, who disappeared while her husband said free-diving. Police delivered the news overnight, that the family have feared most. New questions this morning. Abc's john muller joins us with more. Reporter: Heartbreak for a california family. Her body positively i.D. Just a few hours ago. They're still one big unanswered question, how did this experienced swimmer die, was this an accident? Search helicopters spent the week scouring the l.A. Coast coming up empty. It was divers who found the body. Off of her favorite beach. For her family who posted flyers on the beach it's the worst nightmare. She was an experienced diver. It's so weird for her to fall victim to the water. She's a strong swimmer. Reporter: Rebecca was reported missing by her husband, he told police she left her apartment a week ago to dive at her favorite beach. When she didn't return, he found her suv. And calling 911. Homicide detectives have maintained that it's been a missing persons case all along. The husband has been very cooperative, he met with detectives and provided full statements of his last encounter with her. Reporter: But her mother said her husband hasn't reached out. She worked as a bookkeeper. Avid traveler. With a positive i.D., The biggest mystery has been solved. What was the cause of death? Was it just a horrible accident? An autopsy should reveal more answers. Homicide investigators are looking into surveillance video and phone records. They haven't released any details. The autopsy is scheduled for later today.

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{"id":17036502,"title":"California Woman Missing After Snorkeling Found Dead","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Weiss' body was positively identified but her death only raises more questions.","url":"/GMA/video/california-woman-missing-snorkeling-found-dead-17036502","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}