Cameron Mathison's Broadway Musical Debut

Cameron makes a cameo in the hit musical "Mary Poppins."
6:57 | 11/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cameron Mathison's Broadway Musical Debut
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with the players regiment I can't comment below Canada can't save me a very first woman did not. They're out there I did just go to meet -- a Mormon and I like the animation -- I like got a lot. I truly do I have to tell you I'm I was feeling. As cool as a cucumber gold and this whole thing until I actually got to the -- and I realized what they wanted me to do including sing. -- middle stage right because I can't really carry a tune had a few hurdles to get over but I have to say. It really was an honor meeting the one and only. Mary -- The neon lights are right on Broadway but what they didn't tell me is might wind up -- some thirty feet off her. -- -- -- -- So how exactly did I get here -- Well in order of their fifth anniversary on Broadway -- -- -- Mary Poppins offered to let me be within the show. True could refuse that. You found some just some worry wow moments for the Broadway Show clearly marries a magical character so when you're with her magic has to happen. Seed Mary Poppins fly out over the audience it's. -- and lead based story set in this magical world. And -- it was going to be part of the match. Great -- except they are dropping me into one of the most complicated numbers. And for fun they're teaching Burks most difficult step. -- -- -- I get some advice from Stephanie -- otherwise known you Republicans are different -- -- find out certain blood you aren't just don't think about it and then case -- tonight's Burton gives me these pearls of wisdom down just don't think about health and the wires. Okay that's helpful eventually so -- That's not too awfully small looking wires are attached to -- them. -- -- -- -- -- like they win it a look at -- it was pretty high really very high. But I was doing well right up until I got to the middle. They brought. -- -- -- We off Mike trial. Removal of the lyrics. But here's the thing. I don't listen you're gonna go right discount program -- -- this element of -- -- to how to -- -- News three. Tell -- what we're just get a fast forward through this part seriously. We're going to -- for me and I'll have we move on to practicing my heart and stepped in time a little do you didn't and number. In the end a little bit at the end of the number with a scant hour rehearsal wonder myself they declared ready. And I hope there right. The people pour into the theater high touch base with some of -- -- You guys are -- Baldwin's -- and the beauty and the only local office. Yeah. Yeah. -- still -- to you. Well OK if they can do it like in his right still welcomed me Cameron yeah. And without a change in in my costume. -- to get -- to make up accentuates all the wrinkles. And then the moment of truth. You can't have a -- Insult to me. -- -- -- -- -- No more time for nerves I -- onstage in a Broadway. Playing desperately not to screw it -- So far so good. Spent a couple minutes off stage while the crews do the hard. My big finish. With a few doesn't look much different. Possible that all the running around may be a little light headed because I was windy too excited. Nailed it. Very cool Broadway debut. Wow wow -- and -- before I know it is -- -- -- -- And while the rest of the cast sings their own core I stayed in the wings are reveling in the memory. Jolly holiday. -- And here I'm I'm holding my congratulations -- for two of the kids that play Jane and Michael gave these to me which was very -- -- I want to show that as well. I had a surprise guest in the audience -- credit -- from All My Children Broadway vet -- might. Susan Lucci who came to watch me and my daughter verdict. Once a riot it was so much it looked like you're having a lot of fun -- anything that Robin is not buying. The stage -- thing. Well I could tell it it was all about the singing as long and I turned down my Mike and nobody could really hear me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I had this I can't believe that you have stood upright but helpful for -- -- -- like that Susan Lucci that was -- It was very very cool and -- you're right adrenaline kind of kicked. I got into -- no problem but. I don't know a few here. Kandahar we know we all like to see what's coming next -- candy -- thanks very much.

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{"id":14896506,"title":"Cameron Mathison's Broadway Musical Debut","duration":"6:57","description":"Cameron makes a cameo in the hit musical \"Mary Poppins.\"","url":"/GMA/video/cameron-mathisons-broadway-debut-mary-poppins-14896506","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}