Rob Lowe: 'Candelabra' 'Unlike Any Other Movie'

Actor discusses his role as Liberace's plastic surgeon in HBO's "Behind the Candelabra."
3:25 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rob Lowe: 'Candelabra' 'Unlike Any Other Movie'
"heat index." One opponent-on-one interview with rob lowe. He is simply transformed in the new liberace movie "behind the candelabra" getting a ton of buzz and he plays the ledge tri stormer plastic surgeon. He went through a lot to get the look just right and cecilia vega sat down to talk to him about it. Reporter: Underneath the tight suit, pulled back face, that hair. Yes, it's rob lowe. Rob lowe like we have never ever seen him before. Guaranteed loss of 15 pounds in four weeks. Reporter: He is dr. Jack startz, plastic surgeon to liberace and his young lover. You could be my secretary. Reporter: The man who kept them looking both young and some might say a little freakish. C6uz I see. Michael douglas as liberace, matt damon as the lover. "Behind the candelabra" is the story of liberace's secret life and in all its sparkly rhinestone glory, it is beyond words. ♪ wow! When I saw it, I literally was thinking, what have I just witnessed? I don't think there's been a movie like this ever made. I really don't. It's a spectacle. I read you described it as this is my favorite quote, you said "it's so gay it makes an average episode of "glee" look like "the expendables." I did say that and it's true. LOOK, WHEN YOU SEE THEM%r.s HAVING A Love scene, you know that the SPECTACLE OFtA-÷ JASON BOURNE Getting it on with gordon gekko is pretty extraordinary. That's a conversation. What are you having? One of us cannot look at one another without laughing. It got to the point with matt in particular when we did our scenes together where he wouldn't look at me. Fine. What would you like me to do WITH SCOTT?Bg@ CF1 O We would be face to face and he would -- he would -- literally just not be able to look at me. Reporter: There is indeed a lot of skin. I love matt. He's a great actor. It's all good but the fact of the matter we're both going to be in speedos. I'm a little competitive. So the question is is how do you kind of assess the competition? Good question. SO THERE WAS A LOT OF SIDEé[pE Glancing. A lot of side glancing. Reporter: To transform that face so famous tore stealing teen hearts into this, there was ALSO A LOT OF TIME IN THE $ñ=vMAKEUP Chair. It hurt. I mean it really did hurt to have my eyebrows to have putted up a lot. It's taped and pulled-@á.C have to wear a wig and wires behind you. You physically have your face pulled back for this. And my neck and I think there's something going on with my teeth. Reporter: There are laughs now, but this is a movie the big studios wanted nothing to do with and now there's as much early buzz over "behind the candelabra" as there is glitz on the liberace suit. It's a testament to how far we've come. People are much more comfortable living and being honest with who they are which is great. Reporter: Lowe says it's a film he is immensely proud to be a part of. A sparkle on an already glowing resume. Oh, you are doing so well. I like to say one of the great things about being an actor is I can fake do so many things, like I can fake ride a horse. I can fake play a saxophone and now I can fake do a botched face-lift. If anybody is interested -- call rob. I'm telling you, I'm the guy. Reporter: For "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":19200877,"title":"Rob Lowe: 'Candelabra' 'Unlike Any Other Movie'","duration":"3:25","description":"Actor discusses his role as Liberace's plastic surgeon in HBO's \"Behind the Candelabra.\"","url":"/GMA/video/candelabra-interview-rob-lowe-flick-unlike-movie-19200877","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}