Car Falls Into Expanding Sinkhole

Holiday, Fla., residents forced out of their homes because of the growing hole.
1:59 | 11/11/14

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Transcript for Car Falls Into Expanding Sinkhole
Now to the emergency evacuation in a Florida neighborhood. Families forced from their homes after a sink hole swallowed a war. Osunsami is in Tampa. Good morning, Steve. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Scientists tell us now is the time when families across Florida start to see more of these sink holes as the rainy season ends. This is as close as we can get to this one. Sitting underneath this tree. Authorities keeping us at a safe distance. I was like, holy crap. Not that weared, but that's what I was like. Holy crap. Reporter: Authorities are watching a ten-foot deep sink hole. Swallowing this Hyundai and part of a driveway. One minute you're comfortable and thinking what you're going to do with the day. The next minute, homeless like that lady. Reporter: Anna says it took the ground just 15 minutes to destroy the car. Her home is condemned, all of her belongings left behind. Six other families left their homes too, spending nights in hotels. Worried the Earth could swallow them whole. I don't know how safe my house is. We're in the same boat. Reporter: This is an early start to the season. Caving in, causing the limestone to give away. How far is it sinking? The whole house a cracking. Reporter: Last year, they watched a 70-foot sink hole eat a home and pool. Outside Orlando, a 100-foot sink hole swallowing vacation villas with families sleeping inside. The geologist who works for homeowners believes this was an old sink hole from the 1940s that had yet to give way. And scientists tell us there are many more like these across Florida waiting to be discovered by homeowners. Seen so many. Thank you so much. And the investigation now

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Holiday, Fla., residents forced out of their homes because of the growing hole.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26828201","title":"Car Falls Into Expanding Sinkhole","url":"/GMA/video/car-falls-expanding-sinkhole-26828201"}