Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio Named New Pope

The 76-year-old from Argentina was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2001.
1:40 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio Named New Pope
Cardinal Jorge bear -- Argentina is 76. He was whispered to be the -- erupt in the 2005. Papal election a distant second to Pope Benedict but second nonetheless. Among a small group of possible Latin American hopes he's slightly older -- others widely respected but not that charismatic. Considered -- spiritual man Virgo Leo does not seek the spotlight. After Pope John Paul made him a cardinal in 2001. His parishioners raised money for a party in -- -- -- Leo thank them but told them to give the money to the poor he celebrated a loan. He created a buzz when he criticized church officials for refusing to baptize children of single mothers. But he's not been very outspoken about Argentina's legalization of gay marriage or the promotion of recon perception there -- -- out -- it. -- -- He says is a modern bishop with the kind of modern vision for the church but he hasn't made it so visible because he has great respect Pope Benedict. But it would be a mistake to choose a liberal he once argued that gay adoptions discriminate against children. He's a jesuit trained as a chemist he worked as a professor before being ordained archbishop of -- -- -- He could've chosen to live in the luxurious archbishop's palace there but instead took up residence in a simple apartment next to the cathedral. He often took public transportation to visit poorer parishes. They're Galileo is slightly old and he has health issues he had one lung removed because of an infection when he was a teenage. And there has never before in a jesuit Pope.

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{"id":18721637,"title":"Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio Named New Pope","duration":"1:40","description":"The 76-year-old from Argentina was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2001.","url":"/GMA/video/cardinal-jorge-bergoglio-named-pope-18721637","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}