Carla Hall's Homemade Halloween Treats

"The Chew's" Carla Hall whips up tasty treats for the haunted holiday.
4:31 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Carla Hall's Homemade Halloween Treats
Okay. -- we are counting down to Halloween -- less than a week away and we'll treat that are associated with this haunted holiday. And because of that -- -- Carla hall is with -- to show us some very. Delicious homemade confection that you can make with your kids to. With what's in your pantry and that's the great part about -- exactly don't need to be a gourmet you don't need to go out to the shop you've got most of these rehab house. Most of the ingredients in your house I'm starting out with a little bit of -- And and -- we all know the rice crispy treat the rear leg -- like one of the world's perfect fit exactly and I love them. We're maintain it ghoulish and marshmallow. Got to us. And I just dump some butter and hair with the miniature marshmallows. And then -- applicants that that becoming that that it I'm making it like chocolate milk with cereal milk yes on adding some -- Talk -- -- and saw. Powdered milk. And then that just visiting and that an is that rice crispy is -- and Barclays -- using any cereal that's coming up all of these cereals here. So that this dust and aggregate stock makes it's. Final word -- and continue -- I'm Josh I had a feeling He was. And it has never met -- your life. Thanks so I didn't explain exactly CD -- it becomes like that it becomes that and then we gonna take it. So let's work a little bit and it's really fun thing to do -- your kids -- yes. So 79 era and snowball and I went a little bigger He could not make myself look this isn't me. Aren't guys don't recognize is I'm glad I'm making music. And -- or does everybody get mrs. Hernandez and it's like him it's a little bit like a meatball that doesn't mean isn't -- -- -- -- bigger stick NN and then you put that bag and how easy is that how easy is that. And there is your if you like Harry's newest -- -- -- gonna love. My one eyed monster -- Anyway that's -- Sally I think it's what I want to say is that -- -- holidays headquarters you guys always have great recipes that are getting hit the ball for working moms who do not agree -- you guys. -- we would tell you what you can do what you hat and this is Halloween for -- everybody. We can we talk about how others treat you did He didn't chocolate daily -- -- -- -- -- plus or yes it's chocolate and their peanuts and Larson on -- -- alone. And how do we make -- announcement so -- pretty -- pretty -- They're -- yeah. Marshmallow fluff heads among them Atlantic -- I wouldn't -- not get some easy Louisiana Josh do here is helping -- -- I'm decorate cupcakes could -- we don't need to make them from scratch -- -- kids do not know. Exactly you don't need to make up. His friends you make your inbox if you want some -- and in let me kids decorate themselves you are having fun decorating it -- its own -- and why. -- yeah even though she won't an. I'm on and about any -- kind of freaks me it doesn't. It doesn't look -- I just can't quite figure out what it is what is supposed to taste like -- -- -- Allen. And -- yeah yeah. -- politics exists and fall of -- -- the so yeah. But even adults just drink so little balls -- everything from cereal marshmallows are candy corn to Eminem's which. I'm writing is running -- here or retreat this man is take what you have to whatever studio He have you. I don't cereal and turned -- the kids streets. Family is -- and out yeah. Yeah. There children have a yeah. Easily included -- Ryan did silent is not -- and -- -- the zoo. We began. Everybody do we know we're being Halloween. I don't know playoff hopes to do something -- we don't give me. Yeah check out our website Daryn Good Morning America dot com -- young Hilton and of course we check out vivienne Carlo. Yeah. Okay. Okay.

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{"id":14809094,"title":"Carla Hall's Homemade Halloween Treats","duration":"4:31","description":"\"The Chew's\" Carla Hall whips up tasty treats for the haunted holiday.","url":"/GMA/video/carla-halls-homemade-halloween-treats-14809094","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}