Carnival's Triumph Passengers: 'We Were Homeless'

Ann Barlow, Tammy Hilley and Carolyn Klam recount their nightmare at sea.
3:22 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Carnival's Triumph Passengers: 'We Were Homeless'
april, maybe longer. Three of the passengers on that ship, ann, terry. Thank you for getting up early this morning after your ordeal. So much for a getaway vacation, huh? Right. Tell us about the five days. You up on the deck. You actually created, ann, a nest up on the top of the deck? We made our own nest because we were just too terrified to go inside because of the smells and the germs. So, we just banned together. And made our little nest and survived. Tammy, tell us more about what it was like below deck. We've heard some of these just horrying stories. What was the most striking impression to you? I think going back to our room was kind of traumatic. And seeing from day one, we had no home. We were homeless. And people would say, they put this in your room. Or they're going to do that. And we would -- we had no home to go to. And we would go downstairs, below deck, and your feet could feel the sludge that you were walking through. The smell and the liquids, draining from the ceiling. And the stories of people sleeping in the hallways. And the sanitary bags in the hallway. That was traumatic to watch it start piling up. And caroline, you all took care of each other. But did you see some individuals behaving badly? I'm sorry. Can you repeat yourself? You all were taking care of each other. But did you see any bad behavior onboard? Bad behavior onboard. I really didn't see too much bad behavior. I think the worst decision carnival made was when they opened the door and people got rowdy. I didn't think it was right because there was no need for alcohol on top of everything else. And there was a little bit of yelling and some commotion once they opened the bar. But other than that, people were pretty good to each other. And, tammy, maybe you can speak for everyone here. We've heard carnival apologized. They're going to give everybody a refund, $500. Is that enough for you or do you want more? I want to really guard my heart, feeling greedy or exploiting the situation. But I feel like $500 gives you about $100 a day. And for our jobs, that doesn't even cover that. And then, you talk about the emotional trauma and the -- just last night, feeling what we went through last night while we were on land with our families. And our insides just trembling I don't think it begins to say what is needed here. So, you'll be seeking legal action? I think that's a direction that our families will talk about, consider, and see what's right for us. Thank you for getting up and joining us this morning, telling your story. I hope you're able to spend some time with your families and recover it well. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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{"id":18510568,"title":"Carnival's Triumph Passengers: 'We Were Homeless'","duration":"3:22","description":"Ann Barlow, Tammy Hilley and Carolyn Klam recount their nightmare at sea.","url":"/GMA/video/carnivals-triumph-passengers-homeless-powerless-cruise-ship-passengers-18510568","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}