TV Legend on Parenting: Let Your Children Hate You

Carol Burnett offers advice to other parents whose children might be suffering from addiction.
6:53 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for TV Legend on Parenting: Let Your Children Hate You
"The carol burnett show" took home 25 emmys on the bay to becoming a classic. Now the voice behind is out with a new book, it's called "carrie and me" a mother-daughter love story. First, a quick look at carol's legendary career. Reporter: For 11 magical years, she sang and danced. ♪ You're gonna love me like nobody's loved me ♪ Reporter: And created some of the most memorable characters in tell vix history on "the carol burnett show." How come you never made it in talk pictures? I don't know. And mrs. Wiggins. Hello? Mrs. Wiggins, I wonder -- hello, hl lowe? Reporter: To starlet o'hara. That gown is gorgeous. Thank you, I saw it in the window. The. Reporter: Her older, carri hamilton tragically lost her life in 2002 at the age of 38. In her new book, carol burnett pays tribute to her child. ♪ Comes the time we have to say lo long ♪ good night. And joining us now talk more about her new book, tv icon carol burnett, everybody. Come on, let's give it up. Hello. Very exciting day. The book is beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. You read it? I did. That's what we do. Oh, thank you. It's such a love story between you and carrie. What made you wanto write this mow? When she was diagnosed, she had been working on a screenplay, because she was a writer and actress, singer, everything. She was working on a screenplay about bohemian girls, not unlike carrie, who has a mysterious cowboy and they go on a trip, a road trip to grace land. And so she had -- she decide the take the road trip herself to soak up the vibes so she wou e-mail me some of the scenes she had written. Also some of the people, some of the stuff that happened to her personally on the way to grace land. In these different towns. When she was dinosed, the last time she was in the hospital, she had written the beginning, part of the middle of the story, and the ending. And she said, mom, can you finish it for me, because we wrote together. That's my first love was writing. I said, sweetie, I don't think i can, these are your characters to bring. She said, that's okay. It had been looifg with me for about ten years. I thought, I want to bring her essence to the page, even the story, if it unfinished. I saved the e-mails she wrote me and I wrote back to her. They're wonderful. Such a light into your life with carrie and your relationship. And not always easy to read, i might add. You're very candid in the book about the fact that while you were make all of us laugh with the wonderful show on tv, you were real I struggling at home with carrie's addiction and eventual recovery. Yes, yes. We didn't -- we were so stupid. I think we were really naive about everything. She had always been a top student, the most pop plarp then her grades, when she was about 14, started to slip and she started to get sullen. And so forth. And I was chalking it up to puberty. Well, wrong. It took us awhile. Then we found out she was into pot and then heavier stuff as a teenager. And you are very candid about the fact that you have, to as parent, don't be afraid to have your child hate you. That's correct. The penny finally dropped. A lot of parents want their children to love them. Well, I was trying to be her best friend. I didn't want to upset her. Then she might do more stuff to herself. And then, I realized, wait a minute, she didn't love me. She hate mes right now. That's the disease, the demon in her is hating everybody. Except the drug. Soy thought, wait a minute. I go, I've got love her enough to let her hate me. And that's when she had been in rehab twice. And she was 17. And really thin and gaunt and all. And I tricked her into going to yet another rerehab because i had control until she was 18. She called me every name in the book. I don't need it. She tried to run away. One doctor, a young doctor who was terrific. She was in therapy with him. She said, I want to be janice job ly -- janis joplin. He said, well, she's dead. That triggered her. Her being able to be with you backstage, all the dress rehearsals. Seeing the characters was also helped form this incredible girl. Before we finish, I want to ask. I have always wondered, of all the kashlgts we know so well who is your very favorite? I have like, there's apples and orngs. I always loved doing the movie takeoffs. I loved -- because I grew up going to the movies with my grandmother. Starlet o'hara. I remembered one we did that nobody remembered. It was funny. Everything you did was funny. I'm sorry, what was the question? I don't even know. Can I tell everybody -- eunice. And mrs. Wiggins. Thank you. Check out "carrie and me." Thank you, carol burnett. You're a doll. We'll talk more. Sam, we need a final check from

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{"id":18905720,"title":"TV Legend on Parenting: Let Your Children Hate You","duration":"6:53","description":"Carol Burnett offers advice to other parents whose children might be suffering from addiction.","url":"/GMA/video/carol-burnett-interview-actress-book-tribute-late-daughter-18905720","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}