Girl Scout Cookie Lip Balm; Beyonce Baby Tub

Carson Kressley helps Lara Spencer with the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:03 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Girl Scout Cookie Lip Balm; Beyonce Baby Tub
This -- I don't know why the heart. For a didn't do -- pop news everybody let's get Timmons was. Sounds pretty morning everybody I'm very exciting news it's not good it has created -- bombs and losses in all of your favorite good. How could you blame her. And current tells me that they now I'm good at maintaining safety -- -- amazing I'm applying right now. At least not just like the real thing made cookies and music -- of taste like them I just had -- Matsuzaka but. Our own and tag along as Josie -- Samoa Samoa -- all of the iconic cookie -- in the -- to seven we sold at Wal-Mart. About players -- -- the Buckeyes finally all the fun without the calories thank. And there's so much easier to ship and we had a heart -- But this to go and -- -- -- though there's -- three meals for the next couple days. Now do you want to our next great I didn't probably no would I hire women and they hear negative ads here in New York who. You'll love later -- ladies out in force among those honored Jennifer Lopez -- -- doesn't she always looks good. -- hear what she's tapping Versace and Jennifer Hansen apparently there was a two for one special Versace show -- angry at his touching Larry this year lots -- -- looking -- there's -- -- -- -- -- Chelsea -- another -- and they were hanging -- really good to you by the way yes all the ladies were. Very very time in the last night and and so these are Smart gals lea Michelle and the stone at. Jessica Alba also happened big events like it was -- -- it was -- I'm not a woman of style. He didn't like Lara fiance is bouncing baby girl will be -- major -- say that three times I can't I pants. It's turned down auntie -- Rowland Beyonce Destiny's Child band mate. -- -- lucky little girl who died in the top of it right wait for it as a shower gifts they -- I have back. The baby's -- iron claw foot tub -- is covered in thousands of slots he crystals. That you think it's over the top you're correct it's 7000. Dollars I like it with a puppy. Then -- -- day event that you -- bad weather so cute so there you have it that's -- again and here's our last 50 my gosh so -- the now. I don't Scotland and had a midnight tonight a gigantic fireworks -- something good. -- a full half hour well then someone may well Wuxi. Every single firework went off at this. It all lasted. 52 -- and I hate when that happened. My love life and terrible. There's you -- -- news there. And so --

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{"id":14903791,"title":"Girl Scout Cookie Lip Balm; Beyonce Baby Tub","duration":"3:03","description":"Carson Kressley helps Lara Spencer with the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/carson-kressley-helps-pop-news-girl-scout-cookie-lip-balm-beyonce-baby-14903791","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}