Carson Kressley, Kelly Ripa Help Out Coat Drive

The Warm Coats and Warm Hearts drive gets a special volunteer.
3:44 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Carson Kressley, Kelly Ripa Help Out Coat Drive
And were closing in but you know we still need some help getting an ankle one million coats -- -- warm coats warm hearts drive. And help comes today in the form of Carson Presley how can we Mexico. I know I know a fight hit the streets and I want to go out there Russell some codes for you guys sell. Now and that there was -- -- -- let's let's take a look at the tape -- -- -- for you off our. Right after my big number against -- with the stars. I kept on dancing right. And now I'm back -- -- drive mania look at all these clothes. We've had -- Josh Cameron and Sam all bring your average truckload drive. And this week I'm getting on board. First I want to hit the streets to spread the word. Extra one. Going -- to get this thing. But you can drop off your local Burlington Coat Factory -- Good Morning America and I'll break -- I'm just spreading the word. Confronting -- you can I have your -- and I like your dogs. Very Smart CNN puppies he coasts. All right coat drive continues to -- -- got to live with Kelly we'll talk to -- get some -- meet the audience. Follow me. Donating he has these let's not have lying low marks that he Mubarak's obvious. Connect -- on how he -- I'm not gonna take it and industry and good cause but I'm -- -- medical schools train your theory tiny. I don't think I can hidden. -- I'm trying to get done my -- -- I know he's joking about how little I have been young men and he's actually lends himself yeah -- OK all right. I'm it will be used to go to great cause. Adam and now we're closer to a million and -- not thank you so much. All right Kevin -- closer to a million. -- not -- -- more. Cares so generous here at live with Kelly all right here with me off. Yeah. Onto Ryan Seacrest he's been a generous donors since -- very inception of GM is coat drive. And this year when you know he -- campaign -- is Ryan Seacrest here where if one more -- to get us closer to the million mark so. They want. Remember he's crazy. They're incredible -- we showed you Monday the red both sudden -- and a whopping 600 coats for the drive. So it's been a wild week and where I was so close that one million codes and until next week. All right so we are close we're getting. Quite there yet what's our talent our tally is 924124. Are. How exciting. That is Fannie I got those extra four in the hallway at Regis and Kelly I don't even know -- -- because they work but you aren't the greatest when it comes to comic relief but seriously how. How nice is it to -- a live participate in this especially as the weather gets dot. I straight when I was out there talking to people on the streets New York that was yesterday when it was like minus eleven us like. People really get it that -- a lot of people out there who aren't as fortunate and -- winter coats. And it's a great way you can even you know if you got -- holiday gift card you haven't used it you can buy a new -- you can drop off -- any Burlington Coat Factory. And we're gonna get to that million we're gonna help -- people stay warm this winter -- is a wonderful thing indeed.

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{"id":15296010,"title":"Carson Kressley, Kelly Ripa Help Out Coat Drive","duration":"3:44","description":"The Warm Coats and Warm Hearts drive gets a special volunteer. ","url":"/GMA/video/carson-kressley-kelly-ripa-gma-coat-drive-15296010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}