Carson Kressley Prepares to Decorate 'GMA' Set

The reality star explains how he's preparing for decorating the set of "GMA."
2:59 | 11/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carson Kressley Prepares to Decorate 'GMA' Set
Tomorrow is our Christmas spectacular work anything I'm really incredible challenge every album look around the studio because without on the special gas for going to decorate. This entire place for the holidays in just one hour that's right one hour one -- a lot of albums behind the scene. And you is that managed to accomplish its crazy Christmas wonderland when he's here this morning measuring like dramatic -- to think currently. Put down -- -- measuring how how he OK I don't -- go. So much better than an elevator you can't take it everywhere you really cumbersome to get out of vocal I don't I'm wearing those -- -- -- all around -- but. Yes -- packed everywhere and even working like mad getting his face right I have -- it's gonna be my biggest takeover ever gonna redo the entire studio. Full of surprise says it. This is one of every average can you give us any idea what you're going I didn't give him like three clues okay they -- sell on this one you know -- just wanna have fun. And I think they're right talks arrogant to of course you mean -- yes I didn't know how you met my wife latter -- I think partly no audio. Oh stop you know are behind them I -- separate effort I mean come on writes about actually including blue -- one yes. And then on what could be a -- -- it's not up. We'll let me. No it's not pony up I have what -- coming to your house and got I have so many extras. And then on if you take a listen to our next little musical clue who -- need EU. Yeah. Yeah I'm not going to be doing your genes turning out learning content so be a big -- -- a big rats dancing baby has paid out and then the third thing is look I brought presents for all of the anchors. Who carried. -- -- little scar just trying to -- Tommy -- -- gentlemen let me just Josh yeah. There you all look at you -- -- Republican now look at. Red white and blue -- if you see how quickly -- I'm just doing my job. OK I can barely get out to all right have a guy can -- -- wonderful. I brought it starts because it's going to be cold outside. -- yeah baby it's cold out the idled outside big president and we aren't on John yes and everybody -- starts for everyone's. -- you don't get us. Car and got out and -- avenue -- added. Five hour. -- Here I don't want okay I don't want Georgia. Feel left out -- the hair of ball we're getting here you can't you know. You know like the very -- -- even when I know. I just don't know chair hit they won't give me -- hair. I know I love that her head -- -- to the building. -- -- -- after he ignored the new -- here at eight seconds I left my tape -- on my elevator coming tomorrow.

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{"id":15046676,"title":"Carson Kressley Prepares to Decorate 'GMA' Set","duration":"2:59","description":"The reality star explains how he's preparing for decorating the set of \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/carson-kressley-prepares-decorate-gma-set-hour-15046676","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}