Carson Kressley's Celebrity Looks for Less

If your resolution is to look more stylish, Carson Kressley is here to help.
4:03 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Carson Kressley's Celebrity Looks for Less
It's a new year and new human if your New Year's -- -- want to look like a celebrity guests right yeah. I think people look to celebrities for kind of style inspiration -- unfortunately. You know for a lot of people maybe it's not affordable or it's not accessible where they live so we're gonna show regulars -- back together -- I didn't get right now you're great. So we have a bunch of celebs and everybody looks up to the first one this is so -- I love doing this I feel like a weatherman. OK Kate Middleton and no -- her year got married. Everyone looks to her personality and she's been on the top all the best contests such kind of close. As she does and you know what she's really -- egalitarian about where she -- it's not all super expensive designer stuff so. Really that did address here is the key piece if you we tap here. Okay. -- affected everything the dress how much would you think this dress was. Two dollars. 95 dollars from top -- that's a favorite store hers is an English import they've opened some stores here's what's really accessible. All the looks today you can go to the web site for the different stores and find these pieces are available now. It -- 580 super -- -- an expensive. Very doubtful jacket that's a great workhorse of everybody's -- for -- -- black jacket. With jeans with dresses and you can see she's wearing here eighty bucks. And issues 3499 from HM so and so then my Bob Barker moment a total hi. 79. Exactly and -- on. Okay Jennifer -- it was totally ignore this backpack that's not hers is being held by somebody else put that picture of the woman's arm that makes the person behind her -- -- OK we all know -- -- have just disregard that let Bo ho Sheikh you know doing this daytime look. We -- the pieces here this is all from Joseph -- -- -- 49 bucks. The shoes hiking boot but -- -- with the healing kind of she can young 79 dollars. And -- a great -- kind of boyfriend sweater for -- nine bucks the hat is not from Joseph freshens from forever 21 but it's only 1250 so the total up. 950. So -- -- new -- from Canada they've opened a bunch of stores here in New York there I believe opening you know across the United States in the next couple of years but. Really great stylish stuff and very inexpensive. OK moving on -- Exactly I'm. But super glamorous kind of fun New Year's -- look -- that we're talking about -- -- holiday. We're gonna click on here you can see. The dress really the statement peace super affordable 22 dollars and eighty cents from forever 21 I know I thought that was in -- -- are dropped -- something but that's real American dollars. The -- a great statement piece great for the holidays 1480. Minutes police used -- -- eighty. Are practically free. Practically free and finally our First Lady so elegantly dressed all the time and she's another great example -- you know having great -- but also she shops at -- you know accessible places so. This print dress really pretty sleepless and great because you can Wear all year round not just -- you know now. And here we have this kind of -- print copy of the same for us. Top shop a hundred bucks the -- three dollars and eighty cents and forever 21. And -- she was about 27 dollars our next forever 21 -- check it out from the all of the stores have web sites all of this merchandise is available right now so you can actually get these looks so you're so welcome likewise -- exit -- -- information -- get all of these great looks good Good Morning America dot com on.

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{"id":15259579,"title":"Carson Kressley's Celebrity Looks for Less","duration":"4:03","description":"If your resolution is to look more stylish, Carson Kressley is here to help.","url":"/GMA/video/carson-kressleys-celebrity-15259579","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}