'DWTS' Week 7: Carson Kressley's Top Dancers

The former competitor offers his opinions on "Dancing With the Stars."
4:38 | 11/01/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Week 7: Carson Kressley's Top Dancers
Carson Presley out there in LA this morning Carson thanks for getting up early again and let's start out reports -- we love having you. Ricki Lake playing with a little pain but doing great. You know she's been the real pro of this whole season you know she's been nailing it's been knocking out the park every week. And he knows a little disconcerting to see that yet his injury but you know she persevered and that's what -- -- doesn't she work through it as soon. You don't get an amazing. Another amazing dance but it does -- like everyone who wins comes back from some kind of injury -- -- Yeah I mean it's it's week seven of the competition and you know these guys haven't had a day off since you know the show started. Saddam you know these injuries develop and everybody's kind of starting to feel. -- -- you know aware and -- of the competition got to tell you what surprised me most last night probably a lot of people are just a little lost. Yet you know JER and Ricky of kind of been going back and forth as the top dancers on the show. And this. -- -- ghostbusters was a little lackluster may be. And I think again it speaks to that its seventh week of the competition people are getting fatigued. Com and it was really hard song to dance to because it has so many different kind of you know the changes. All but it was still very -- and I loved on Korean has cost him customs incredible. It doesn't it feels like she needs to eat I can help. I'm glad you said that what. You know the feel a little bit scrambled up. Right now and -- -- machine kind of hanging in there I noticed in his blog Mark -- even said. That he could be the dark courtroom victory. Yeah I mean everybody loves a -- dash GN and he was kind of he is the dark horse and we kind of didn't expect me. That he would get so good but he's really. On improving every week -- steadily getting better and better and I think he was the second. Highest score last night and he really did a fantastic job. With this song which is not like the greatest song in the world that we think it is but it's really hard dance to. And he did a fantastic job that he did and did catch the -- -- keep surprising me I think he's getting better and better and better every week. Yet David -- of the -- -- on the show really really quirky -- you know he really plays up his personality. On -- fantastic partner in Kym Johnson. And it was a really thought it was a great song -- a hundred she knew it was not get -- his magic not a not a big surprise next. Showed it all on the dance floor with hope last night not a lot of drama outside of the dance. Now you know when he started the dance you started you know ripping off his flag shirt sleeves and -- shirt I was like can't go ahead. They go -- Oh that's that you're not gonna stop. And they started dancing unfortunately out like -- Britain are -- give a damn -- We will -- it was a very big dance hope is very athletic there's some really intricate footwork here. The only thing I'd love to see -- like sometimes hope looks great when she's smiling and at other times. She gets so focused it looks like she's doing her taxes -- I just wanna see that like fun factor throughout the whole dance but. -- solid scores three -- and Max was on his best behavior he wasn't really you know challenging the judge's self. I think there appeared at that spot this week is this different Nancy. Is this did serve brands -- -- Nancy Grace. For Nancy -- -- Nancy you know she is a fantastic band based. And she did the jive last night -- -- jive with what killed me on dancing with the stars and very hard. Because you're trying to remember your -- you're trying to look here's the whole time you're basically doing a road next. So it's a very very -- -- I think she's got to hang in -- that's just my gut feeling that predictions and personally about ten seconds left. Quickly want to show some video of Josh and Sam. Yesterday playland -- bring an -- brain let's who has just your quick analysis. -- OK that was absolutely magical I would I would say the that we -- -- a new show called dancing with the meteorologist. Don't quit your day jobs guys it's -- kid -- thanks very much but if -- Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"The former competitor offers his opinions on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14856853","title":"'DWTS' Week 7: Carson Kressley's Top Dancers","url":"/GMA/video/carson-kressleys-top-dancers-14856853"}