Casey Anthony Offers New Theory in Caylee's Death

Anthony claims her father molested her daughter, drowned her in family pool.
2:44 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Casey Anthony Offers New Theory in Caylee's Death
-- we do Begin with does blockbuster revelations. But the Casey Anthony case it is his -- -- brings the story from Miami. Hey good morning George 477. Pages of depositions. By these two Psycho analyst who spent tens of hours with Casey Anthony. Offering us a small clippings glimpse into her in her life the fact that. She suffered this sexual abuse as a child as she talked about it so called -- the fact that she believes her daughter Caylee was conceived through rape. All of -- -- dynamite. It may be her biggest bombshell -- Casey Anthony telling doctors she believes her father George intentionally drowned her daughter -- In the family pool doctor Jeffrey Danziger says Anthony told him. I think key holder under water maybe he was doing something to her he tried to cover it up. She also say George brought the two year old into her bedroom limp and dripping wet shouting at KC look what you did. During the trial the defense had suggested that little Caylee had accidentally trapped. This is a tragedy. That snowballed out of control. George Anthony released a statement overnight denying any wrong doing. He has never been charged with a crime case she also told the doctor she believed her father may have impregnated her. Part of an alleged pattern of abuse are turning outlined during the trial. -- -- -- -- When Casey was eight years old and her father came -- -- her room. And -- gets touched her inappropriately. DNA testing later disproved that George Anthony had fathered. His own granddaughter later in the depositions Anthony offered yet another theory telling the doctors she was drugged and raped at a party. Doctor William whites -- counted that she believes that's when she was impregnated by her -- she tells doctors she still doesn't know. She's a strategic thinker but -- so frequently contradict yourself that it is impossible to tell. When she's lying and when she is not. Anthony who sat stone faced throughout the trial also came across -- detached to the experts who examined her. Doctor Danziger saying she behaved like someone who had a parking ticket yet when talking about her daughter. The -- I loved her at first sight that child was the most meaningful part of my life. For three years a statement at such odds with the evidence prosecutors had presented. The -- seeing how high heels. And get this George another twist in the case Casey has reportedly fired the attorney that spearheaded her acquittal. Jose -- she claims that he's been using her as a meal ticket he's been trying to get her at 750000. Dollar. First exclusive interview. Jordan and then -- and thanks very much.

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{"id":15344618,"title":"Casey Anthony Offers New Theory in Caylee's Death","duration":"2:44","description":"Anthony claims her father molested her daughter, drowned her in family pool.","url":"/GMA/video/casey-anthony-offers-theory-caylees-death-15344618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}