Casey Anthony's Financial Future

Dan Abrams discusses the possibility of Casey Anthony being absolved from her debtors.
1:42 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for Casey Anthony's Financial Future
You had to go back to the law books. What are the chances she wiped away the debts? She won't be able to wipe iowa all of them. Like lie she'll wipe iowa a lot -- wipe away a lot of them. Any money she owes to people for services. That's a big chunk. They don't seem to care. It doesn't seem to me that the lawyers are expecting to see any of that money. The money she may not be able to era erase, criminal penalties or fins. Irs money she owes depending on how old the debt is. What about the money to the sheriff's department and investigators she was ordered to pay. Well over $100,000. Is that viewed as a criminal penalty or fine? My guess is, probably not. It will be viewed as money she ode for effectively services. And as a result, that might get erased as well. The big question is the civil lawsuits. The lawyer fightsiing so hard yesterday was the lawyer in the civil suit. I think that's the reason they're doing this. She wants to get window of the civil lawsuits. There's an exception for willful injury that would not allow her to erase it. She can get rid of it all, in a year, write a book, earn a fair apt of money, and she's free and clear? Hello, bankruptcy. Chapter seven is about letting people get a new lease on life. Casey ahony is eligible as well. A dramatic 911 call by a 12-year-old hero, tony buke

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{"id":18655072,"title":"Casey Anthony's Financial Future","duration":"1:42","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the possibility of Casey Anthony being absolved from her debtors.","url":"/GMA/video/casey-anthony-video-2013-caylee-anthonys-mothers-financial-18655072","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}