Lawyers Blast Casey Anthony Tape

Attorneys for Casey Anthony call posting of personal video "inappropriate."
3:18 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Lawyers Blast Casey Anthony Tape
First let's get right to those photos coming out overnight a Casey Anthony her attorneys confirming on Thursday that this video diary up up up Anthony is indeed authentic. But said it was meant for personal use and -- -- released unauthorized and inappropriate ABC's Matt -- is in Miami with new details for us this morning good morning -- Hey good morning Robin after months. Of silence suddenly this mysterious picture and video built explodes onto the Internet those private videos have gone viral. Revealing some tantalizing clues about Casey Anthony and some big questions about the most who -- newsmaker. 2011. Overnight new and revealing pictures of Casey Anthony surfaced. This time on radar online in one photo Anthony appears with half packed -- the others are self -- in all of them -- here cut short. Just like these private studio also leaked online so this is my first video -- The photos appear to be part of a mysterious online campaign. To share when Anthony's attorneys. Call her private notes in memoirs they say she had nothing to do with the release telling ABC news quote she does not know who did it when they did it why they did it. It was not authorized -- -- for it had to be obtained criminally. By illegal act that -- that things are certain but things are certain sense the videos Anthony's attorneys say. Were designed for her personal use in future counseling. To help her quote remember her thought process. And -- that's a -- in several waves. Her parents are concerned fearing -- lawyers say these or any future videos might endanger their daughter but again of course -- I'm looking for it. But mostly these videos revealed a favorite topic for me -- myself or -- myself -- -- -- -- -- -- -- call something -- she. So self absorbed -- to speak about not having possessions. When anyone and everyone who watches this remembers that she once had the most precious possession of all the daughter entity. Also focused on her new computer and -- Ever it remains unclear who posted a private images which have been marked with some sort of promotional headline. And appear to have been rejected but on -- followers of Casey Anthony. Say the video is loaded with clues the background as a room with wood paneled walls just like these two photos and -- all three she's wearing the same ring and a chain around her neck and then there's that new look the blond bomb the glasses so drastically different from her stone faced -- in court. And is her -- partied on the other signs to meet on the sign behind and -- You can read that it says help wanted and hanging on the wall behind her on the left side of your screen he child's painting. And other firsts. -- -- And of course throughout those four minutes of video Casey Anthony doesn't mention her daughter. Caylee once she would have been six years old and all this raises big questions about Casey Anthony where exactly in Florida if -- Does she hoped to somehow monetize these videos or future videos and where will she go when her probation is up. Just a couple of weeks rather all right -- thank you.

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{"id":15303646,"title":"Lawyers Blast Casey Anthony Tape","duration":"3:18","description":"Attorneys for Casey Anthony call posting of personal video \"inappropriate.\"","url":"/GMA/video/casey-anthony-video-diary-lawyers-blast-release-15303646","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}