Casey Anthony's New Look in Newly Released Video

Video diary leaks out onto the internet and shows a glimpse into Casey's life.
2:41 | 01/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Casey Anthony's New Look in Newly Released Video
Casey Anthony she showed up in yet another video online at this time with a whole new look. What is -- saying and how would these videos getting out into -- Cutler is here with more on that morning good morning to you Rihanna. -- for months Anthony is simply fell off the radar she went to isolation while serving probation for check fraud. But now in this second video we're getting a personal look at what she's been up to. And why we should be expecting even more intimate details of her life. This morning we're learning -- Casey Anthony may have spent her Christmas. I have seen him -- -- we're very thankful and then yeah. OK thing. It's yet another leaked video of the Florida mother acquitted in the death of her daughter -- -- No mention of -- -- just like on this video shot two months ago that was leaked earlier this week. Oh this is my first -- -- -- And that. -- was just the beginning of a torrent of videos and these photos from radar online sparking speculation about Anthony. Who's gone into hiding after her release from jail last July. It's a little -- harmless as teens -- July diet. Why the onslaught of videos we're now hearing directly from her. In her monthly probation meeting on Thursday Anthony wrote in her report my computer was recently hacked private videos that were recorded. According to her lawyers she says it's for video diary. And not let the public. I'm looking forward to. And those lawyers say the leak was not authorized therefore it had to be obtained criminally by an illegal act -- but he could or would she be the source. Wolf. -- because -- hate being on camera. For -- now at a time that she's hiding in isolated to be making a video. It's a video she would want. Others -- Her videos have set off a firestorm on line. On Twitter. Hash tag Casey Anthony I'm so sick of senior face and on Just go away Casey you make me wanna vomit. Whoever may be behind the leak it doesn't look like it's going to be -- any time soon. In these videos she talks about also making audio recording us now what is she doing with all this material. Well there is -- she may try to sell it in a pay per view situation. And what's more she says of her probation is scheduled to end in February. But that she still plans on staying in that same undisclosed location. That we see in those tapes.

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{"id":15311134,"title":"Casey Anthony's New Look in Newly Released Video ","duration":"2:41","description":"Video diary leaks out onto the internet and shows a glimpse into Casey's life. ","url":"/GMA/video/casey-anthonys-newly-released-video-diary-internet-leak-glimpse-at-life-us-15311134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}