Casino Mogul Accuses 'Girls Gone Wild' Creator Joe Francis of Slander

Music legend Quincy Jones is caught in the middle of the battle of two Vegas titans.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Casino Mogul Accuses 'Girls Gone Wild' Creator Joe Francis of Slander
We're back, now, with the battle of two las vegas megamillionaires. Casino mogul, steve wynn, charging girls gone wild creator, joe francis, with slander. And a music legend is in the middle of it all. Linsey davis has the showdown in sin city. Reporter: It's the clash of two of vegas' biggest titans. In this corner, billionaire hotel tycoon steve wynn. In the other, multimillionaire girls gone wild creator, joe francis. The two have been duking it out in court over three years, over millions in gambling debts. Now, wynn is accusing francis of slander. Saying he's falsely accused the casino sing of a murder plot. Saying that wynn threatened to kill him by bashing him in the back of the head with a shovel. And then, digging him a sandy grave away from the strip. The star witness expected i court next week, none other than music legend, quincy jones. Francis says jones is one of his best friends. And told him about alleged e-mails he saw from wynn about his deadly intentions. Wynn says it's all untrue. His attorney releasing this statement to abc news. Saying, joe francis says he saw e-mails that don't exist. Everything is a lie. Jones is the key to this case. Without jones, there is no death threat because there is no e-mail that has been produced. Reporter: Their bitter battle started in 2009, when the man who made his multimillions with these raunchy spring break videos, allegedly wracked up a gambling debt at one of wynn's casinos. After francis accused wynn of faulty practices, a judge ordered francis to pay wynn $7.5 million in february. Now, wynn says francis' latest allegation cannot be ignored because it has a serious affect on his reputation. And they're gambling that a judge will take their side once again. An attorney for joe francis told abc news that francis does believe he was in danger. And he went to the judge to seek protection from the court system. The quincy jones camp had no comment. But both sides hoping he will sing like a bird. Not sure that's going to happen. Coming up, everybody, we

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Music legend Quincy Jones is caught in the middle of the battle of two Vegas titans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17103165","title":"Casino Mogul Accuses 'Girls Gone Wild' Creator Joe Francis of Slander","url":"/GMA/video/casino-mogul-accuses-girls-wild-creator-joe-francis-17103165"}