The cast of 'It' opens up about the highly-anticipated film live on 'GMA'

Six of the seven child stars in the upcoming film adaptation of the Stephen King book discuss the new horror movie.
5:22 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for The cast of 'It' opens up about the highly-anticipated film live on 'GMA'
It is one of the most highly anticipated and frightening flips of the year. It is based on Stephen king's best-selling novel and here's an exclusive sneak peek. What happened? Here. What's that? Turn it off. Woo! All right. That means pennywise is nearby. We are happy to have Jaden lieberher, Sophia lilis, Finn wolfhard, Wyatt oleff, chosen Jacobs and Jeremy ray Taylor. This one is so good. I'm so proud of how you guys have put this together. You're awesome, all six of you. You had to go to losers boot camp. Tell me what that was to learn all things 1980s and be the misfits you are in the movie. What was it like? Yeah, I mean it was pretty awesome. We had an acting coach named Ben perk kips and he sort of, yeah. So he really established the trust between us and gave us this big book of '0s like references and clothes and music and all that stuff. Slang. Like totally awesome. Tubular. Tubular. Which nobody used. We didn't use in the movie. I swear. What's your favorite part about the 1980s? I love the clothes. Come on, right. Short-shorts and get to show off your knees. Bony knees. I would say the music is amazing. I love the music. The music is the best part. I know you guys really did bond as you said on the set and working together, there's some -- I mean this is Stephen king so he's known for some of the rougher elms. There's a lot of cursing and violence. Did any of you feel uncomfortable with that or was it kind of like, cool -- Kind of like the opposite. Being told to do this. It just felt freeing like we could do whatever we wanted with our characters. Like, wow, we're able to do this. I can say that because coming from other stuff I'm like, I can say this now? What did your parents think. Mom, it's for the role. It's for the role. I would never in my life. It's for my craft. I'm an artist, mom. I'm an artist. So I grew up absolutely pet fried of pennywise the clown. See, that's my pennywise. This -- I mean look at that clown. Were you -- did you feel any of that fear? Do you guys like clowns? Are you afraid of clowns? Don't want to give all clowns a bad rap but this tormented me for my entire childhood. Our movie is kind of giving it a bad rep right now. It would boost their career a little bit. Scare them instead of entertainment. It could boost it. I just want to give a formal apology to all clowns. The clown union of America, international. And with this movie like they teased plea with that balloon. Balloons are scary now too in this movie. It means he's not far away. But there's like an actual fear to that too. A phobia. We're dealing with -- I think where it comes from. Favorite part of making the movie. I think the relationship that we all had and I think that the bonding that we had on screen was very real because the first month of shooting was all fun, fun summer stuff and then all a sudden it was so dark. It was so not fun? And we had to fight pennywise. Not cool. I'm assuming you all watched the original. Yes. How does this compare to the original. I kind of think they're in two separate categories. I don't know if you can compare them. One is a lot of people's childhoods fears and this is a new movie and both separate adaptations so comparing them side by side is a little -- Yeah. Not reasonable. Beautifully shot, incredibly well acted. I was really impressed with all of you. Finn, a lot know you from account franker things." What do you think is scarier, "Stranger things" or "It"? I don't know. I'll say this, I think a lot of people are asking me like, oh, what's the cash what's scarier, pennywise or the demagorgen you can till for real but pennywise can shape shift into anything and kind of immortal in a Spence. Spoilers. Well, it's not a spoiler. But -- yeah. But, yeah, I think that's why he's scary. Anyone have a good pennywise imitation. Anyone else want to go for it? Sofia. Can you do it. No, no, I don't have it. Sofia doesn't seen have one. Do your famous one. All right. Thank you all so much for joining us. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Six of the seven child stars in the upcoming film adaptation of the Stephen King book discuss the new horror movie. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49504862","title":"The cast of 'It' opens up about the highly-anticipated film live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/cast-opens-highly-anticipated-film-live-gma-49504862"}