Cat Causes Airplane Delays

Ripples the cat caused flight delays after escaping and hiding in the cockpit.
1:52 | 01/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cat Causes Airplane Delays
Imagine -- flight is delayed for hours the entire plane evacuated security and maintenance everywhere and you are beyond livid. And then you find out who the culprit is it's this guy and ripples that capped. How matter you now ABC's dead -- -- has more on this felines that. Not whether. Eight years but a cat in the cockpit. Grown -- a flight from Halifax to Toronto. -- -- after kept walking through security Debbie Ayers and -- -- -- made their way onto the plane but. Just as the cabin door was about to close triples decided to make the most of his nine lives -- -- coach ripples dark way to the front of the plan to see why first class is the cash. Security apparently left his cage partially open letting this cat out of the bag. For some hair raising hijinks some people try to catch him up front in first class and then he took off and -- is cockpit. -- -- re using to come out of control what ripples ignored the cat calls of people trying to coax him out. The tower grounded the flights and passengers were delayed by more than four hours I know -- embarrass -- but. Now as much as crews tried to get control of this cat -- -- and did she go inside the plane electronics department. Move a bunch of pieces of the plane. Chase the cat and eventually everyone including rebels caught another flight out and managed to land on their feet but this high flying feline has been grounded. This is his first trip and is the last -- fly in any war for Good Morning America Dan Butler ABC news.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Ripples the cat caused flight delays after escaping and hiding in the cockpit. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15462874","title":"Cat Causes Airplane Delays","url":"/GMA/video/cat-airplane-delays-15462874"}