Cat Sneaks Onto Disney World Vacation

Owner finds cat in luggage on trip to famous amusement park.
3:00 | 09/15/12

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Transcript for Cat Sneaks Onto Disney World Vacation
Now, to breaking pet news. A commonly-employed argument in the age-old debate is that dogs are more loyal. It's an assumption being called into question by a cat who found a way to tagalong, as its owner went to disney world. John schriffen has more. Reporter: When ethel maze backed her bags for her group vacation in orlando, bob-bob the cat didn't want to stay behind. Secretly purring his way into maze's suitcase monday. How did the cat get into the suitcase? I was packing. I just laid the suitcase out on the floor. Reporter: Wide-open? Wide-open. Reporter: Not knowing the cat's in the bag, she checked in at the columbus airport and took off. 921 miles later -- unzipped to put my clothing in the drawer. Oh, my. You'll never guess what's in my suitcase. Reporter: How did bob-bob get through security checks and x-rays totally undetected? The transportation security administration tells a news, when they check bags, they're looking for security threats, not pets. Saying, quote, we would not necessarily have the ability to look for or to identify a pet if it were inside a checked bag. So, after nearly a week hanging out in this hotel room, how is bob-bob getting back home? We contacted southwest airlines, and they're going to waive the $75 fare for you. Really? Isn't that something? Thank you. Reporter: But this kitty won't be wracking up any feline frequent flyer mile. App the trip home, maze will be making sure this little black bundle won't be hiding out in anymor bags. For "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, orlando. Yeah. I like the official statement from homeland security. I can't understand how they can't pick up a cat in an x-ray. Coming up here on the

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{"id":17243678,"title":"Cat Sneaks Onto Disney World Vacation","duration":"3:00","description":"Owner finds cat in luggage on trip to famous amusement park.","url":"/GMA/video/cat-sneaks-disney-world-vacation-17243678","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}