Catchafire: Skills-Based Volunteer Matching

It's an easy way to match non-profit companies to find highly skilled volunteers
3:00 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Catchafire: Skills-Based Volunteer Matching
Every -- -- Tory Johnson is at work. Most of us have great intentions of volunteer but to laugh at our schedules get in the way -- -- just don't know how to give a part time and talent. So good news catching fire and help. It matches volunteers with specific professional skills to contribute to select nonprofits. And Rachel -- in the head of partnerships for catching fire is here to tell us. How we can get involved -- Rachel ray Torre -- I'm so tell us first quickly how catch a fireworks. -- -- -- can't supplier is an online platform and I like to explain it as you know the match dot com all of the social -- take them. Very simply we matching professionals who want to gives it time provide it's. You know -- social good organizer nations need exits to that talent. We have approaching and you all of forty plus shall ten projects. Very deliberately designed to -- yes as a nation shorthand to scrape. And a vigil. It was very -- deliverables. Sorry that you know from the gate how to organize nations you know very clear what -- oversee banks and professionals you know not what Thanksgiving. So what we really trying to do is make it easy four professionals like you -- -- obviously -- -- XP chills. But we do want -- give time yet it -- -- -- sanctions and you know use the talent that we have. So we some officials like come on to platform. They sign -- with us they tell us about. This the organization's all the courses -- that they really care about. And the skills that I have. And in really the right thing and is is that four professionals in that I need to -- through. A lot of potential projects. Because the platform. Will seen them out very proactively it. The product -- -- -- is still see it. For the causes and I really care about -- it's really efficient managing and think about it as we've gone let's one about a bright organizer patients 98 social media skills. It's did the one of the project goes up on a platform -- -- pushed out to out professional community we have 191000 professionals. Who heads social media skills and have an affinity with -- cool things course we really trying to create like an efficient. -- prices hints Mitchell column. I have read it say that. That that's out what are the biggest frustrations with volunteering is -- -- his organization that you're interested in but you don't really know what they need you don't know how it's gonna benefit from new professionally as well so do you think that's really at the core of why you've grown so quickly that that people do want to give but they also want to make sure that they're giving. In a meaningful way -- -- that -- the organization. Absolutely. PM it is a lot of -- volunteer matching services out there -- -- But they still just to give you a couple of -- -- -- this 95 the -- all of in a nonprofit organizations -- need and want excuse to provide a talent. That's one side and then we -- you know 27% of Americans volunteered. Last year -- any 60% of them he had planned to volunteer -- -- he conceded that we thought behind made troubled -- nations. And we -- at a huge. You know at this into the population that's on volunteering and knives and not you know -- to be having a great experience. We trying to sold. You know their -- life and giving professional community. Opportunities to easily you know give these skills to these right overnight. -- and do something else as well which is tracking results which is off and I'm missing in the volunteer. -- volunteer programs and volunteer experience isn't your tracking. What kind of money this is saving city organizations where you are fleecing people. And also the people who are volunteering are really able to see the types of skills that they are growing more enhancing of their own tell me about some of those specific successes and if you have any sense of on average what the nonprofits -- saving by. Doing these matches through your program. Absolutely if so I -- through technology -- trying to solve you know the -- connecting you know these two entities organizations professionals. And we -- great success so sorry you know we're finally just the -- hot his old and we had completed all ahead on the light a thousand. Of the projects that I mentioned -- side. You know projects ranging you know marketing strategy. Social media. And these are fully -- -- explain on and on -- -- as well. This is not just. Good for your your heart it's not just about -- -- volunteering but it's. Very much strategic volunteering that ultimately -- not just the organization as you pointed out -- -- substantial savings but certainly also helping. The individuals who are giving their time and talents as a resonate blister has occurred -- there so good for -- will be and we appreciate you tell us all about it and we hope to send lots of people here went. -- excellent excellent via very easy to it to sign up on on the platform it. Yet had to fondle -- takes literally a minute. For organize nations and -- professionals perfect are right thanks H off.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"It's an easy way to match non-profit companies to find highly skilled volunteers","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15780145","title":"Catchafire: Skills-Based Volunteer Matching","url":"/GMA/video/catchafire-skills-based-volunteer-matching-at-work-non-profit-companies-business-15780145"}