Alexander Payne Discusses 'The Descendants,' Clooney

George Stephanopoulos talks with the director of "The Descendants."
4:17 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Alexander Payne Discusses 'The Descendants,' Clooney
It's almost time for the Oscar nominations and already the descendants has gotten top nominations. For the golden globe's top critics' prizes to sort of a man faces some tough truce during a family crisis it's also pretty funny. And that mixture of laughter during difficult times is something the director Alexander Payne is known where he joins us now we've been celebrated descendants here. How exciting here -- -- -- haven't Israel it's great to have you because we all loved this movie you're talking George Clooney about it yesterday. And what is. So powerful about it is this mix of emotions -- you in the situations you put your main character in a guy dealing with extreme -- -- extreme anger at exactly the same time. -- -- guys have a bad week. Plus there's a lot of -- -- -- separate family crisis the same time you know and having to suddenly the carpet pulled out from under him kind of an easy life -- -- -- an absolute chaos. And turmoil -- you bring in somebody. Other. Jams of characters into -- or so one -- Where he has to didn't meet that the. His daughters -- boyfriend. Says six. -- -- -- Don't -- do that to me. Get ready orders to your grandparents and Scotty had ES has become -- she. Doesn't remember it -- Yeah listens. What's going on this week is really a family matter he understands is not very interested in meeting your grandparents can be. Bored stiff that I told you that he is going to be mistaken. The a lot of personal -- commands. -- -- -- -- It said -- We all of us even in the most especially in the most solemn. Areas of our lives have some jerk. -- at the solemnity of the -- at every funeral you have like the most tragic funeral there's somebody who shows up over dressed. Clue gushing at school I'm still upset makes it all about never heard there's always someone cat around to -- that's life that's totally is life. You know she in the at least in the background -- -- -- -- here is when she told us a little bit about. Your message she said -- just. Had ever become I -- -- for a couple weeks and hang out what was that like. -- thanks to be well looked twice a pretty specific places you must know. And none of the leads. Are from there and so I very much wanted them to. Soak it up as much as they could before we started shooting his -- that whole culture. Yeah you can obviously can't get the whole cup culture but some sense of it some sense of it we have involves rehearsing on locations and giving him tourism and introducing to local people who in real life for the equivalents of the people they're playing. And to start to get -- involved surgically told -- he still hasn't forgiven you for not casting him sideways. He still brings out. Actually brought it up -- event. Looked sideways was a very specific case that the role was the most washed up has been TV actor and to have the most handsome. And successful. Movie and TV star now playing that guy would have been the joke that I didn't want -- to be the -- and that makes a lot. Since you also I mean one of my favorite movies. Viewers and really when my favorite political movies of all time election and he and Matthew Broderick in USA today. Tremendous role. As as a teacher and you shouldn't even no interest financing -- the weekends no of course it's -- -- broader but I hadn't seen first feel -- -- -- -- And then he was just so perfect for that role as as well and then really -- -- really got you started. Pretty much that was my second feature film but that's the first one that -- really opened up a lot of doors for even Barack Obama our president has told me that that's his favorite political felt. There's a compliment -- what's next in May with any measure of good luck I'll Begin shooting. A new film back in my home state of Nebraska that's a father son. Road trip from Billings Montana to Lincoln think -- way -- -- Very small town in central Nebraska where the father grew up. We'll look forward -- that -- -- thinks a lot.

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{"id":15338272,"title":"Alexander Payne Discusses 'The Descendants,' Clooney","duration":"4:17","description":"George Stephanopoulos talks with the director of \"The Descendants.\"","url":"/GMA/video/catching-alexander-payne-15338272","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}