Shaq shows off his best poses and relives own fashion trends

The basketball legend told "GMA" he taught his son Myles "the moves, the face, everything," for his modeling jobs and looked back at some of his more interesting outfits through the years.
7:01 | 07/13/17

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Transcript for Shaq shows off his best poses and relives own fashion trends
We have someone else right here in the audience. There he is, NBA hall of famer, shaquille O'Neal. Come on up. Come on. ??? Love shack baby ??? Wow! That's a huge box. Good to see you. No, come on. Come on. Hug it out. Nice to see you guys again. Wow, that is some box of doughnuts you brought. Yes, I do. Is that what happens whenever you walk into a food place. They give you a bigger box. A bigger box. Do we get one? You do get one? You got to open up the box. ??? Happy birthday to you ??? Listen. ??? Happy birthday original glazed doughnut happy birthday to you ??? Whoa! Hey, don't close that. I want one. George wants one. I can't pass the box to you. I'll grab one. There you go. ??? Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear glazed doughnut happy birthday to you ??? 1234r that's going to be my ringer from here on out. Yes. Today is -- today is the original glazed's 80th birthday. Who knew. He doesn't look older than 20. If you buy one dozen you get another dozen for 80 cents. All rht. Stop singing. Alexa, stop. All right. Well, it's a good thing you brought food because we have a topic, our first trending topic. Fonsi, you can't take the doughnuts. We're talking about food. Food selfies are a thing. Have you ever taken a food selfie. Nope. My daughters do it every time we go out. I do sometimes when I'm hitting it big. Especially in-n-out burger. My thing is when I buy my food I'm trying to eat it. I'm not trying to give et a photo shoot. Eatable a burger is not -- There is a restaurant called dirty bones that is so into food selfie, I don't even know. Doesn't sound like a food place, guys. They offer food selfie kits when you go to the restaurant. Selfie kits. Get the perfect shot of your food. George, are you licking your fingers? I am. These are really good. Can someone bring this grown man a napkin? I do need a napkin. Carry on. Question. Yes. If we were dating would you let me take you to dirty bones? Amy, say yes. Yes, I would do it. She probably would. I wouldn't turn that down. Dirty bones. I love how much thatting kraed up Sara. Amy. You know I would go there. No, I know. The invite would go really far with Amy robach. It's fine. Speaking of Instagram you posted a great throwback. Throwback Thursday video of your son. Yes. Do we have that. Yes. Look at that. What's your -- oh, my gosh. Look how cute. He is he is my twin and we like to do silly thing, make people laugh. What is that he's wearing? Furs. So, wow, what is awe your go to dance move. I really can't show you but I'll show you anyone. Show us. Dirty bones. You could bring that to dirty bones with you. Welcome to dirty bones. May I take your order? You have a very talented bunch of kids. Mice walking the runway. Yes, my oldest son. He is a model now. Did you teach him the moves. Of course, I teach him the moves and the face, everything. Here's my model face right here. Blue steel? Yes. I'm very proud of him. He's having fun. I think a couple of weeks ago he was in Italy so he's getting to travel and he's in school. He is a sophomore. You gave him the height too. He is a very good looking dude. He is, indeed. You were always a trendsetter with some of your fashion. I wouldn't call it fashion but -- The subtle ring you're wearing now. Delicate on the finger. That one right there is called guns up. Not everybody can pull that off. What was your inspiration. My inspiration, I like to wear stuff that nobody else could wear. For example I like to -- It kind of goes without saying, right? Like I used to wear my suit jacks all the way down to my calf. I don't know why I did it if to feel short? Just to feel short. Then that ring, I love -- Sara pointed it out. Superman ring. Barely noticeable. A ring you bought us for our wedding anniversary. Oh, okay. When you take me to dirty bone. Another one of your sons just committed to play basketball at the university of Arizona where it runs in the family. Congratulations. Your NBA days, fashion, you had a ton of nicknames. Diesel, Shaq daddy, big aristotle. Does your son have one. I gave him one but he doesn't like it. I call him boogie. You called him boogie. That's my baby. That's my baby. People will give him flack for that. D1 player. You know, I got one for him, dirty bones. There you go. He's going to take that one. All right. You have your Superman ring. We want to know what you're like at home. What is Shaq like around the house. There is a "New York Times" article -- I have to ask you a question first. How do y'all look so fabulous at 7:30 in the morning? Oh, stop. We have it give you guys a room. You ladies look fabulous. Three for dirty bone, Shaq. Three for dirty bones. No, but how am I at home? The same way I am now. I like to have fun. I like to laugh. I don't take myself too seriously. We can tell. I like playing -- I like meeting kids and making them smile because I haven't played basketball seven, eight years and it's amazing that, you know, children still know who I am. Whenever I see a child I try to make them smile. You go by one name. Everybody knows who you are. Shaq. Yes. In the realm of Oprah and Madonna. Have a doughnut. Thanks a lot for coming by. No problem.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"The basketball legend told \"GMA\" he taught his son Myles \"the moves, the face, everything,\" for his modeling jobs and looked back at some of his more interesting outfits through the years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48604312","title":"Shaq shows off his best poses and relives own fashion trends","url":"/GMA/video/catching-shaquille-oneal-live-gma-48604312"}