Animals Ruin Vacations: Caught on Tape

Wild animals wreak havoc on relaxing getaways.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Animals Ruin Vacations: Caught on Tape
Why not? This next story is about vacation vandals gone wild. You can prepare for a lot of things. What about animal antics? A new show -- yes, animal anti antics. A new show by nat geo. They're cute. They're cuddly. Physical they ruin your vacation. From charging goats. I need help. eporter: TO WAYWARD BABOONS. These people learned firsthand what it means to be punked by wild animals. It's all caught on tape. Meet babby and brandon. They set off for a romantic get away to cuba. Their trip takes a surprising turn when they pay a visit to a bottle nose dolphin habitat. The trainer told me I could lean in me he said it will come up and kiss you on the cheek. Reporter: She gets more than she bargained for. As flipper decides he wants more than just a smooch. Just started going to town on her. Reporter: For ronald and carmelita, it's south africa. We're driving to go back to cape town. We saw a group of baboons on the road. This is so cool. Reporter: Their fun turns to fear. Reporter: When one of the larger b r baboons opens the door the their car and jumps inside. The couple jumps to safety, hopping in the car behind them, until a nearby guard chases the group away. I was this the car with the biggest baboon ever. Reporter: And this sea lion puts a wrinkle in eric's fishing trip. He's going to tip me. Hey, get off my kayak! Reporter: Attempting to steal his catch. Even biting him along the way. Don't bite me. Reporter: Leaping back and forth over his kayak until it gets the goods. I'm glad I have my video. No one would believe this. I feel like we should have apologized and said there were mature theems in that. I didn't know. Let's go ginger zee,

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{"id":17142022,"title":"Animals Ruin Vacations: Caught on Tape","duration":"3:00","description":"Wild animals wreak havoc on relaxing getaways.","url":"/GMA/video/caught-on-tape-funny-animal-videos-animal-antics-ruin-vacation-17142022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}