Idaho Plane Crash Caught on Tape

Nathan Williams, Tol Gropp and Les Gropp discuss crashing in remote Idaho forest.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Idaho Plane Crash Caught on Tape
First, captured on camera, a small plane crashing in a remote part of the idaho mountains. What makes this video so startling is that it was shot from inside the cockpit, showing us what the pilot and the passengers saw, as they crash-landed in the middle of nowhere. Take a look. It is the moment of impact. Incredibly, captured as it happens. Watch again, as this single-engine plane loses altitude, clips the top of trees, flips upside-down, and crashes into a remote idaho forest. Inside the plane, friends tol grap, allison williams, along with weather, les. The group was returning from a DAY TRIP ON JUNE 30th. Les was piloting. It all seemed routine. The plane can't get high enough. Soon, it starts to sink. And just moments later -- then, darkness. Everybody okay? I think we're okay. Please, get out. Reporter: All four managed to escape the mangled wreckage. Clearly dazed by what's happened. Three are uninjured. But les, the pilot, has a joken jaw and wrist. The situation seems bleak. Their cell phones don't work. But in what they call a miracle, they're spotted. Soon after, help arrives. The ntsb is now investigating the crash. In a preliminary report, it says that the airplane started to lose altitude, and experienced a downdraft. But these four men are grateful to be alive and to share their story of survival. And joining us, now, from boise, idaho, are the pilot of the plane, les gropp, two of the passengers, his son, tol gropp, and nathan williams. Thank you for being with us. Good morning. Les, I want to begin with you. We saw on that video, and we saw your fairly horrific injuries. Your jaw was broken. You broke some ribs. Tell us how you're doing today. Recovering very finely. I get the wires out next monday. The ribs are healing. Well, we're certainly glad to hear that. And we're looking at you there. It's unimaginable what you went through. Nate, I know you were in the front seat with the video camera. When did you first realize something was wrong? When did I know something was wrong? Well, we just -- as we slowly started coming down, just realized we were -- the trees were coming up really quickly. And it happened so quick, we really didn't have time to respond to anything. Had just enough time to throw my arm up. Tol, I want to bring you in. You were behind your father, who was piloting. We should mention he was an experienced pilot in the vietnam war. And he did an unbelievable job landing that plane. But you all seemed so calm. No one was screaming or yelling. That's what I would expect as you were going down. How were you all able to remain so calm? I think honestly, for myself at least, I believed that my dad would pull us ou it the entire time. I never thought we were going to hit the trees, even as we got closer to them. It wasn't until about two seconds before we hit the trees I thought, well, we're going to hit the trees. And he's not going to be able to pull us out of it. And from there to the ground, it was so fast. You don't even have a chance to think a thought, hardly other than I hope everything goes okay. We survived this. And yet, you were able to keep recording. There were a couple cameras recording in that plane. Did you even think about putting the camera down and bracing for landing? I was not holding one of the cameras. But I believe if you watch it closely, the cameras are sort of dropped. They're floating at one point in that video footage. And someone else on the plane, alec, was taping the aftermath. We were there looking at your father as he was in pain. It seems a little hard to watch. Why did alec pick up the camera and shoot the aftermath? Yeah. It's tough on the video you have. To be honest with you, we edited out five minutes from when we landed until he found the cameras and picked them up and started to walk around. The first five minutes were really trying to pimake sure we're okay. And to get my dad in a position to check his jaw and check on him. Alec was going back and forth to the plane, to get supplies and whatever he could get out of it. That's when he found the cameras, remarkably still rolling. And he picked them up and brought one back to nathan. And you know, he kept it going the entire time when he was walking around after the crash. Darren, want to bring you in. You're the hero of the story. You and your buddies were camping nearby. Tell me what you saw and what you did. WE WERE OUT RIDING ATVs. We stopped on the road to ask if we had a radio. We don't have a radio. What would you need a radio for? There's a plane crash. I said, well, I'm camping with my closest friends who are all FORMER FIREFIGHTER/EMTs, FROM Fire county and rescue in boise. We asked where it was and immediately went to the site. One of the firefighters went back to the camp because he had a med bag in his truck. That was a lucky thing for everyone onboard of that plane. We're happy to say you all survived. You look like you're doing well. Darren, nate, tol, les, thank you for being with us this morning. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome.

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{"id":16976214,"title":"Idaho Plane Crash Caught on Tape","duration":"3:00","description":"Nathan Williams, Tol Gropp and Les Gropp discuss crashing in remote Idaho forest.","url":"/GMA/video/caught-tape-passengers-recording-reveals-person-account-idaho-16976214","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}