Plane Almost Hits Car on Runway

Unauthorized black Jeep on runway almost struck by an airplane.
2:37 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Plane Almost Hits Car on Runway
Out of that terrifying near miss between a commuter jet just seconds from landing. And a -- that broke through security and careened over the -- when you see it right there a quick thinking air traffic controller save the day but officials are now investigating. -- such a serious security breach was even possible. And -- -- Allen -- with the story good morning to him. Good morning George -- -- veteran controllers say they've never seen a random civilian SUV on the active runway. Headed straight for the landing zone with a jet on final approach. Do we -- a -- people -- on the air forming a special. That's right not an airplane but a potential terrorist in an unauthorized black Jeep speeding down an active runway at Philadelphia's international airport. Cops -- hot pursuit and all caught on tape by a pilot shooting video from the cockpit of a plane. Unable to take off because of the emergency on runway 27 right. And anybody to -- This was a critical situation I do better traffic controllers were. 42 years now in the. I've witnessed -- -- it is very. According to witnesses the Jeep driver plowed through a construction -- only a few yards from the runway and headed directly for the landing area. Just as US Airways express flight. 3137. A commuter jet with passengers from Raleigh. Was 100 feet from landing at the last minute ordered to abort pull up and fly around. 130 -- got a I don't like to around. -- got around. Danger not just for the plane on final approach but for other pilots watching what they thought might be a terrorist attack. Stuff because this guy are you okay if we pull off a runway here it. -- -- -- -- -- After a full five minutes -- all runways closed to inbound and outbound flights. Airport police finally forced the driver identified as 24 year old Kenneth Richard basic to a stop. He had no bomb and is charged with DUI assault reckless endangerment. It's not the first airport incursion last Friday in Tracy California a BMW slammed to the -- when its driver inadvertently lost control in December last year Garfield County Colorado sheriff's deputies. -- a Chevy Suburban. Driving backwards at high speed. The driver finally was cornered at gunpoint but few can remember an incursion that left so many in danger. Those charged with airport security across the country -- look closely at the incident. The driver who police say resisted arrest may also face federal charges in Philadelphia airport officials facing serious questions as well. But tell us their fence was FAA approved and they planned no changes.

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{"id":15831788,"title":"Plane Almost Hits Car on Runway","duration":"2:37","description":"Unauthorized black Jeep on runway almost struck by an airplane.","url":"/GMA/video/caught-tape-plane-hits-car-runway-15831788","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}