CDC Recommends HPV Vaccine for Boys

Dr. Richard Besser on what prompted the Center for Disease Control's notice.
1:54 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for CDC Recommends HPV Vaccine for Boys
That health alert now and new developments running the HPV vaccine. It's now recommended for girls protect against cervical and other cancers and today an advisory committee to the Center for Disease Control vote on whether to be recommended for boys as well. Doctor express our chief health and medical letters here with more on that and it looks like the -- can approve the vaccine recommended for boys. I I think they will -- and and here's why we've known that this is this virus but -- causes genital warts most importantly it causes cervical cancer but more evidence. In girls -- yet. In -- they're finding that it can cause -- neck and throat cancer. And so when -- -- the -- of vaccine was initially approved this information wasn't there so there wasn't enough to say what the benefit is to voice that this information. I I expect that -- -- the move in after being you are personally pretty initiative to voice fax. You know I did it -- when I started researching this of this story reporting on this site I met a man who who developed stage four throat cancer. And in talking to him and in his experience and his experience with his family. It was clear to me there was benefit to boys and this summer -- in my sense yeah and then the evidence that -- prevents cervical cancer in girls is pretty powerful yet. We haven't seen. The vaccination rates go up since -- recommendation I mean it's it's under 50% near this isn't the first vaccine for cancer hepatitis B vaccine prevents the cancer. It's not the first vaccine for sexually transmitted disease hepatitis B transmit that way. But this vaccine forces parents when they have eleven or twelve year old to think about their children's. Future sex life. And that's a hard conversation for a lot of parents to happen so. I think a lot of them are avoiding it and avoiding that -- we're just about time but it also could prevent heart -- -- women as well new study out yesterday interest being first one to link this virus to heart disease in women. If that holds up it could open a new strategy for prevention. -- --

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{"id":14808293,"title":"CDC Recommends HPV Vaccine for Boys","duration":"1:54","description":"Dr. Richard Besser on what prompted the Center for Disease Control's notice.","url":"/GMA/video/cdc-recommends-hpv-vaccine-boys-14808293","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}