Celebrate Stinky Cheese Week with 'GMA Live'

Chef Fredrick Piccarello previews the week-long event held by 9 Manhattan restaurants.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Transcript for Celebrate Stinky Cheese Week with 'GMA Live'
What do look at Barack and -- PT I -- yes now this segment coming. Bob. Clever -- -- whatever. I think it's easily -- innovate and handle anything. And cleaning accident Sapp from French Reza uptown to tell us some of the things yes but most delicious -- is out there except Frederick umbrellas -- we did last name spelling it right thank you for being prepared thank thank you for stink and let us. To be here. Part of -- team that makes it -- It's they Barnes and mostly it's the out of part of that she's which is -- in Washington brandy -- All of the areas I. -- -- your -- to starts to. Think. Yeah at fifth page -- -- the aging of it so yeah let's let's go to a couple of okay. I'm here we have. The cheeses we have -- -- red which is a monster. Then we have still didn't. And Yahoo! is to lodge which is in tanks and continues and here we have -- more BA which is. From -- is basically make this the 2 different morning. Milk and evening melt Potomac -- and this one is. Lindbergh and this is -- -- is one of the mall it's its core FF plus say yes it's a very runny cheese they've actually bandits aren't. -- Transportation in France publish -- publication. That bad they banned it from being -- -- onto any kind of train bus without that. Warming up probably in in. -- were chatting via a remote -- is -- anything until this thing. That's looking at Houston. I think she's an essay when I go to supermarket and I get to that really fine cheese section himself. Good to me it's overwhelming and I would never go there but is she as a coach of all I mean how to how to lead and -- right -- he. Normally -- won't go through the UN. -- -- do some research but there is exciting Shepperd our Medicaid Jeffrey if perfect right at liberty island and visit -- -- love. We we have but mostly she's is would be. We try to pair with what people would really go forth and some -- do this here is a pair and -- you have. -- which -- which is usually it's. Since. -- -- We -- -- with the -- this. Let's. Cream and that's recollect which is very common. One cheese. Sandwich -- of -- days. Typically it's very seeking cheeses from Switzerland and they melted and as they create nothing scrape it off and they serve it with bread and -- This is what started policy stinky cheese -- which does why is he a stinky cheese -- looks like you're asking for trouble. We are. Dinosaurs -- it is -- definitely come it's stepping you have to appreciate she's. To let the student chooses to -- go for the race thinking once you -- really -- Jesus. Did not begin with a hose nose and say. My people like. Like when you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's very. -- when you -- it doesn't taste at all what you think it's going tastes like at least better than it yet. That is -- idea and when you cook with -- data also gets rid that's now. Some of the house -- that would then as -- cooking it but. It just sort of union whose most -- now. Because so it will our studio the next I can't say thank you get your five day visit but I guess it could be headed their way I was preparing some food at the restaurant I would go home and -- we -- have every -- and it would. Follow me yet. It's that give them -- went out. Yet and I'm glad -- -- them to open up a couple that live and let love having -- appreciate it yet and neither starter is their meals you can put it in pretty much everything. Yes yes I put -- who we think that's what started sit. This challenges -- to find ways of using these cheeses and foods -- -- people enjoy. So that we could get rid of that stigma of what Steve and cheeses. I'm not helping your -- -- -- -- Maine he made up everything that's baloney stuff that -- but. The it's quite get around -- -- yeah plunged. Get the audience that the defendant raped in -- -- when they can at this celebrated throughout these -- constituents -- really good so we don't BR she'll sit down here. Cutting -- desperately -- if at all yeah. --

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{"id":22847209,"title":"Celebrate Stinky Cheese Week with 'GMA Live'","duration":"3:00","description":"Chef Fredrick Piccarello previews the week-long event held by 9 Manhattan restaurants.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrate-stinky-cheese-week-gma-live-22847209","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}