Celebrities and Las Vegas icons react to the mass shooting

Some famous entertainers from the Las Vegas Strip and other celebrities react to the tragic news on social media.
3:20 | 10/03/17

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Transcript for Celebrities and Las Vegas icons react to the mass shooting
Home to so many performers, they're sharing their condolences this morning and overnight a fiery and passionate plea for gun control from Jimmy Kimmel. Linzie Janis here with that. We have been seeing a whole new side of Jimmy this year in first Jimmy Kimmel getting choked up about his newborn son's heart surgery taking on Republicans over health care and now an emotional plea for the victims of the Las Vegas massacre. Kimmel calling out politicians, the NRA and complacent citizens saying something can and must be done to stop these mass shootings. I'm sorry for getting emotional. I'm not great with this kind of thing but I just think it's important. Reporter: Las Vegas native Jimmy Kimmel breaking down Monday night. This morning we have children without parents and fathers without sons, mothers without daughters. Reporter: Speaking out on gun control loopholes and the victims of the tragedy. All these devastated families who now have to live with this pain forever because one person with violent and insane voice in his head managed to stockpile a connection -- collection of Hawaii powered rifles and use them to shoot people. Right now there are loopholes in the law that let people avoid background checks if they buy a gun privately from another party, if they buy a gun online or at an auction. These are the face of the senators who voted against a bill that would have closed those loopholes. These are the 56 senators who didn't want to do anything about it. Reporter: Overnight a huge outpouring of support from some of the city's biggest stars. I love Las Vegas, feeling so broken this morning wrote Jennifer Lopez. We are not going to allow this tragedy to stop any of us from entertaining audiences in that great city. Reporter: Superstar Donny Osmond says the shows must go on but will they? ??? the queen of Las Vegas herself, Celine Dion who tweeted praying for all the innocent victims and their families. As of now still scheduled to perform her long-running show tonight at Caesar's. I think the question is how much is this going to hurt the overall live music appeal of las Vegas. Las Vegas is my home. Best people in the world live here, work here and visit here. Reporter: Penn jillette of the famed duo Penn and teller who have been on a Las Vegas stage for 21 years and counting sending out a message of love and perhaps one of the most well known performers, fondly known as Mr. Las Vegas sending a heartfelt thank you to the heroes. Las Vegas will not be defined by that incident. Reporter: The famed Las Vegas strip was eerily quiet last night. Many performances canceled. Caesars entertainment and mgm canceling them out of respect. Jimmy was talking about loopholes. Another one at play here. We know that rifle, he had these things that turned it into an automatic weapon. You buy them together. It's illegal. You buy the bump bolt in one store and the gun in another, that's legal. It makes no sense at all. We go now to the concertgoers who turned into heroes in a

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Some famous entertainers from the Las Vegas Strip and other celebrities react to the tragic news on social media. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50243364","title":"Celebrities and Las Vegas icons react to the mass shooting ","url":"/GMA/video/celebrities-las-vegas-icons-react-mass-shooting-50243364"}