Celebrities Reflect on Their Lives

In Joseph Galliano's new book celebrities write letters to their past selves.
4:53 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Celebrities Reflect on Their Lives
How many times have you said I wish I knew then what I know now now -- this -- it's -- hear me. The -- -- -- sixteen year old self Joseph Galliano has given a wide ranging group of adults the chance to give themselves. -- summer fun -- -- point but they are all the results of lives well lived. -- -- -- -- sixteen year old me. I still remember how you always wanted to be a writer find the thing that makes you -- out of bed in the morning. Think great thoughts but always relish small treasures. The letter writers are from different walks of life. A movie star and offer a financial advice guru. But the theme is constant hang in there trust yourself you're going to be okay. I am writing to you from forty years past behind you'll be told that your dreams are absurd childish fantasies. Don't believe anyone. However much they -- well. Tell us that core that tells you. Your dreams are true the little girl from the south side of Chicago writes about a life that exceeded even her wildest dreams. You'll never have to worry about finding -- you'll never have to worry about being able to support yourself. You'll never have to worry about who is going to take care of your mom. -- will never have to worry about being happy or fulfilled and author Jodi -- wrote about curly hair her mother. And the boy who broke her sixteen year old hockey. Broke your heart a thousand ways with one word one glance. 25 years from now He won't call you annual thank you for being the one constant in his adolescence when his own family was falling apart. He won't remember hurting you but when you -- He will always remember what it felt like to have that bandage ripped off your heart. And that's why when people read your story is simply a little on the inside. The creator of so many comic strip icon Stanley. Tells his younger self about his unrealized dream. I still remember how you always wanted to be the writer and your last year at. You practice signing your name Stan -- Martin -- Over and over again you were so certain. The day would come when you write that great American novel and people would answer to -- reported Griff. But what sixteen year old Staley believe us today eighty people do occasionally request you -- aggressive. But not for the great American novel and the name you now we -- in this day and leave. Which you adopted legally because you are embarrassed that Stanley M -- -- -- writing those Little League comics. You'll be shocked by how happy can be. Thought you need to make a decision to change do you do -- why not to us and a -- expressive and sat. People you do not even know we'll come up to you and tell you how much they love you and thank you for changing their lives. And -- these words of advice. Calculus. Trust me you'll never use it. So put think today scenario for the beautiful what Elian has done wouldn't try to yourself why you didn't have a whole lot growing up and sell I just said just remember that it -- -- has nothing to do without the opportunities are given -- what you do with them and that in a couple years -- quote the Yale football coach Walter camp said Locke is the residue of design. Create your own -- yourself in position be looking like. -- I -- it would have said it play your game Kiki anyway New York -- -- -- nice very recently and as a don't worry about how anybody else does it what anybody else thinks -- you -- game to -- you do the best you can do. And I thought that was just the best advice I wish had heard it. At sixteen. -- my eyes as she never get any better driving. Because they -- I did have the pictures. When adults. But also you know the biggest struggle with people is because they love -- the most and you know we're about a year to my dad. Passing lane and that's what I think about now the biggest struggle with people is because they -- -- -- months and you had a really good one and -- what do you say that I would tell myself to be kinder tonight. Snot beat myself up and do something Clinton -- -- -- a lot of people -- said the same thing about being kinder to those close to question everybody has a piece of advice that they wished they'd learn -- and that's the great thing but has focused and we can all get out of it from -- you know -- like kicking myself from the you a portion of the proceeds from.

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{"id":14801810,"title":"Celebrities Reflect on Their Lives","duration":"4:53","description":"In Joseph Galliano's new book celebrities write letters to their past selves.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrities-reflect-lives-14801810","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}