Celebrity Babies: Will Beyonce Give Birth in 2011?

A look back at a year full of celebrity births.
3:09 | 12/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity Babies: Will Beyonce Give Birth in 2011?
You wouldn't believe the conversation -- -- in the studio right now we're talking with the out of his pregnant about one of showbiz is most anticipated arrivals Beyonce baby and beyond his baby. Expected any day now Beyonce on AB any minutes -- -- -- but the acres that got lipstick don't cut it in the -- The secret is so closely kept her baby may already be here apparently because -- pregnancy rounds at a year of celebrity births in the out of -- firsthand. What Beyonce has been through the got -- -- -- are husband and I know exactly what Beyonce. Another up. Have been heavily Indian JV -- little princess will be one of the most sought after and photographed babies in the world. -- issue could come at any minute whether she's born this year or next though shall join an A list group of celebrity babies. They are considered music royalty Beyonce and her famous rap star husband Jay-Z have collaborated on numerous chart topping singles. But their latest project is no doubt their biggest and could debut just in time to say goodbye to 2011. Beyonce. Should she be celebrating the new -- -- little early multiple web sites are reporting that a maternity wing at a new York city hospital. The same one where Oscar winner Natalie Portman gave birth earlier this year has been blocked off in anticipation of a very famous patient. Beyonce had never confirmed an actual due date. But she's shown no signs of slowing down since making her big announcement at the V and -- and it appears that a group. Everyone can't wait to meet Beyonce is maybe everyone feels like it's their baby to -- -- their part of the family because. They grew up knowing these celebrities and seeing these celebrities from very early in their career and often from very early ages. -- seemed to be one of the hottest celebrity fashion accessories if 2011. After years of struggling to concede Mariah Carrey and hubby Nick Cannon welcomed twins a boy and a girl. Other first time mommy is included Penelope Cruz Christine Applegate and -- While Victoria -- and Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson added to their growing roots and there's even more high profile bundles of joy on the way in 2012. Jennifer Garner Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff have already confirmed -- due date in the first half of the year and of course all eyes remain focused on the world's most famous would be mommy Kate Middleton. It's only a matter of time before she welcomes a real life prince or princess into the world. And many are speculating that that could happen next. Here this has global implications this baby is a prime. Part of politics in England and -- of the facts. Politics all over the world so this is a very important baby. -- no pressure had what I mean and that's the thing they entire world was focused on this woman this couple to give birth to announce you know that she's pregnant and and you can just imagine the pressure on her right now and it's not -- that's not a done deal and -- and maybe in wasn't time to be alone and in doing and let him. Yet thanks so much and your husband Pete you know -- okay thanks.

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{"id":15252395,"title":"Celebrity Babies: Will Beyonce Give Birth in 2011?","duration":"3:09","description":"A look back at a year full of celebrity births.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-babies-beyonce-give-birth-2011-15252395","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}