Celebrity Cell Phone Number Changes Man's Life

Bob Gray began receiving calls from Hollywood elite after moving to Los Angeles.
2:56 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity Cell Phone Number Changes Man's Life
Now that really cool story we've been mentioning all morning about how a new phone number can change your life Bob gray moved to Los Angeles with dreams of getting into movies. He bought a cell phone. Found himself -- -- -- calls from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Rick Fox and -- just a moment girlfriend is there with them they got a lot of energy folks they do not -- here is ABC's David Wright. These days there's no such thing as a new phone number chances are that number belonged to someone else before you. As Bob gray and his girlfriend Liza Foster found out when they moved from Cleveland to California. Turns out of the fund that I dad was this old lady who leaves her prescriptions at different pharmacies. But Bob's -- number what I like about the numbers of such an easy number to remember turned out to be the ultimate wrong. Day after I got the number I get this text message says hey I saw you -- TMC. What a bummer. Trying to think -- myself TMZ -- when he started getting text from Paris the person not the place where parents -- us the text said. Hey hon it's my birthday party big party up in the hills are watching -- love Paris she would like holy -- we don't know a lot of parents is really no one it was Paris Hilton and the party was -- -- thirtieth birthday bash should Katzenbach. And we -- yeah I'd love to come your birthday party who put Bob Graham was a Foster on the list. And -- -- figured they weren't exactly gate crashing -- like Vince Vaughn in wedding pressures. I'm like this -- he's at the White House they were technically invited and not just to Paris is party -- ran the gamut. You know I was -- calls from agents I was getting calls from actors I was getting calls from just strangers that wanted to go on have a good time go to a party Bob has. Just gone up to the celebrity bubble and poked a few fingers in. And it's interesting place to be. So whose number was hit well went comedian Adam Sandler called he helped figure out the mystery. I'm the one that sold Adam Sandler that he had the wrong number. And when I relayed what I've been doing in all the parties and fun I've been having with it. He just thought it was hysterical turns out the guys Sandler thought he was calling is not a household name but he's a familiar face from many funny films. Comic actor and -- words it. That's him Bob Gray's celebrity couple getting -- -- I think so many people in this country are obsessed with celebrity I mean I was too. And you know a lot of people are looking through that glass window wishing they could be at the party and I sure am glad for the opportunity and I'm glad -- -- -- -- -- it hit. But it's been a fun time. Naturally Bob is now writing a movie about the experience. -- I just clean your star. Call -- for Good Morning America David Wright ABC news Hollywood.

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{"id":15144002,"title":"Celebrity Cell Phone Number Changes Man's Life","duration":"2:56","description":"Bob Gray began receiving calls from Hollywood elite after moving to Los Angeles.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-cell-phone-number-mans-life-15144002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}