Celebrity Double Standard Following Extreme Public Meltdowns?

Alec Baldwin under fire for not taking same heat as former TV chef Paula Deen.
2:41 | 06/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity Double Standard Following Extreme Public Meltdowns?
But start with the celebrity double standard. Alec baldwin emerged after last year's nasty's anti-gay twitter fight with a reporter. And paula deen's words years ago is costing her millions and ruining her reputation. Good morning. . Good morning. We're used to hearing about the baldwin temper tantrums, but perhaps never in the same week that another celebrity begins losing her empire over something she said. I want to apologize to everybody. It's the nation-wide debate pitting deen against baldwin. She's reeling after losing endorsements, partnerships, and more, after admitting to use the n-word in a deception. Random house is backing off a book deal after fans rallied to make it a best sell per. This is so good. She's apologized, but as her estimated $17 million fortune continues the landslide, alec baldwin continues on. The unwashed socialist -- the star of 30 rock had a homophobic slur on twitter, after his wife was accused of tweeting during james michigan doe feeny's funeral. I'm going to find you, he said, and you up. He said the tweets were not implying any issues of sexual orientation. But some disagree. Anderson cooper tweeting why does baldwin get a pass with gay slurs. If a conservative talked about beating up a queen, they would be vily if ied. He's no stranger to endorsement. But he hasn't faced the same backlash as dee network some say it's a double standard. Others say not so fast. If he dropped the n-bomb the way she did, he would lose the capital one endorsement. But others say the pounding against paula may be too extreme. I'm a black man, I was offended when I heard it. It's too much. Baldwin may survive, but it remains to be seen if deen can survive her. And baldwin's woif is defending him, saying some of her best friends are gay and she would never have married a homophobic man.

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{"id":19535675,"title":"Celebrity Double Standard Following Extreme Public Meltdowns?","duration":"2:41","description":"Alec Baldwin under fire for not taking same heat as former TV chef Paula Deen.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-double-standard-extreme-public-meltdowns-19535675","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}