Celebrity Looks for Less: Dress Like Charlize Theron, Emma Watson

Kate Dimmock of People Stylewatch shows you how to look like a star for a fraction of the cost.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Celebrity Looks for Less: Dress Like Charlize Theron, Emma Watson
Welcome back to "good morning america." Time for celebrities looks for less. Love this segment. We're making it work for a fraction of the cost. Here is kate dimmock, fashion editor of "people style watch." Thank you. Let's get to claire danes, who is always so chic and a little bohemian. Always lady-like. But there's a little edge in what she is wearing. That little pop of color with the skinny belt looked so good. And her shoes were fantastic. Bring it on out. We have tammy in our version of claire's look for a fraction of the price. Claire's shoes were $780. Tammy's are from go jane. And the big thing is the metallic with the print and the pop of red. And these are looks you can wear now into fall. And everything here -- all of the pieces, we'll have on our website, if anybody's interested? Exactly. Thank you. So confusing. Can barely tell them apart. Our next look, our next celeb is emma watson. She is so chic. Constantly in the best dressed pages. She is a style-setter. You can really watch. She gets the trends and gets them right. Here, she does a great look with a little bit of print mixing, threw a chic leather jacket over it. And gave us a little bit of legs. Give us your best emma. And that great print mix. You have a great transitional look. This is something you could be wearing now and again into september. But the leather jacket was over $3,000. Lindsay's is $99 by buffalo by david bitten. You can wear that with jeans. Dress it up, dress it down. We thank you so much, lindsay/emma. Our next celebrity look, this is my personal favorite, kerrey washington. Clean and classic. This is really our pretty meets tough moment, where she's got this great chic leather skirt. But she adds floral accessories that makes it softer. Come on out. On melanie. So, whereas claire's outfit was almost $2,000. Melanie's dress is from ann taylor for $128. What did I say in commercial break? I love those pumps. And this is the fun thing. Pairing it with a floral shoe. These are from nine west. They're about $30. Such a great look. If you have pieces like this, try it in your closet. Live on the edge. Our last look. We want to thank you, to melanie. This is charlize theron. This is another great look. Always looks so chic and cool together. This is a great look. It's a little soft and a little sexy at the same time. Ft peach jacket, with a leather pant. I think she wore this to the airport. You really nailed it. Isn't it? It's fantastic on laura. Her clutch was over $1,500. Laura's is a mere $70. But I have to point out laura's shoes. They're on-trend. Go, jane, for under $18. And the faux leather pants. They're great ideas. Look in your closet or go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! To learn where to get these item thank you, ladies. We're going to go to marcus

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{"id":17104058,"title":"Celebrity Looks for Less: Dress Like Charlize Theron, Emma Watson","duration":"3:00","description":"Kate Dimmock of People Stylewatch shows you how to look like a star for a fraction of the cost.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-dress-charlize-theron-emma-watson-17104058","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}