Celebrity Stalker Back Under Lock and Key

Man who threatened the lives of Madonna and Halle Berry has been recaptured.
2:17 | 02/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity Stalker Back Under Lock and Key
This severely mentally unbalanced celebrity stalker who went -- wall from an insane asylum this is a man who had threatened to kill both Madonna and Halley Berry. He has reportedly been caught now but how did he manage to spend a week on the loose ABC's Tanya -- -- here that's very good morning to you. Good morning -- the LAPD says Robert Hoskins was captured not far from the mental hospital he escaped from police say he's highly psychotic an extremely violent. But as Hollywood breathes a collective sigh of relief there are still many unanswered questions. Convicted celebrity -- Robert Hoskins cuffed by cops after a terrifying week at large. Apparently just walked out of the mental hospital he'd been transferred to last year raising obvious questions about the hospital's security. In many. Mental health institutions even if they're holding inmates. It is. They are which clearly not as secure many times as a regular prison. Hoskins spent a decade in prison for stalking Madonna famously threatening to kill her with -- night. His escaped last Friday ignited a massive search -- liberty paranoia. The LAPD says actress Halley Berry was also terrorized by the disturbed 54 year old. DMZ reports he threatened to slit Mary's throat. Leading the star who's in the midst of a custody battle to plead with the judge for permission to move to France with her daughter. In the nineties Hoskins twisted obsession with -- led him to believe she was his wife. He even scaled the security wall surrounding Madonna's Hollywood Hills home where he was shocked by her security guard. Thing that makes Hoskins so dangerous is he believes that the Madonna spirit can inhabit anyone at any given time. Source Robert Hoskins was walking the street today and he decided that you -- where Madonna who would be a great risk. Police don't yet know winner Hoskins wandered last week but experts say going off his -- was the real danger without the medication all of delusions. That have been driving him for years will kicking it. The problem is that people who work on anti psychotic medication don't like it they don't like the way it makes them feel. And he has been transported back to the hospital where he's been placed under the high security compound.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Man who threatened the lives of Madonna and Halle Berry has been recaptured. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15561689","title":"Celebrity Stalker Back Under Lock and Key","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-stalker-back-lock-key-15561689"}