'Celebrity Wife Swap': Niecy Nash and Tina Yothers

Lifestyles clash when "Family Ties" star swaps spouses with "Reno 911" comedian.
5:55 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Celebrity Wife Swap': Niecy Nash and Tina Yothers
Now we got to -- great social experiment that is celebrity wife swap. In coming up in tonight's episode comedian -- seen Nash slots lives with actress -- -- -- -- -- -- family -- -- ABC's Chris -- brings us the scoop from LA -- Cranston. Good morning Larry it is a classic confrontation. I suppose you -- look at it that way. Happy families -- in all shapes sizes and zip codes when a big city bunch and an outdoor is the outfit shaken up a little bit. Well on this show hilarity -- -- us. -- anybody. One asleep on the ground if you. None of the -- what's getting kids out there -- cut out. Dynamic even DC national Reno 911. I love this -- a fish out of water. And looking to stay that way. I don't know how to -- -- would harm animals in the yards. Now that's an EI EIA no no. There have been like that and why did I get myself into. To learn something from this experience. Press charges just tepid your job and I don't get a dime to -- start her. Good mama Tina go there's this household needs to tighten up its own family time. Take those moments. When you are here have lunch with the kids if they -- here have dinner with family. Have. Don't give you many many more opportunities and they're lot of educated. Each other it was very separate -- just. They come home and. Go to their room at Michael. And -- fence topped. -- on this when worlds collide episode of celebrity wife swap she's not the only youngster to register a little disapproval. -- -- You know body. On the net and -- the Iraq. Meet -- and husband Bob's force of nature four year old Bobby. An adorable so had impressively ready to speak his mind even here. -- -- -- -- -- that Bobby decides to go exploring. Vote want to come back to -- your -- -- but we're letting copies tomorrow. What do you find is the most effective way of getting Bobby isn't what it means to you guys would like parkinson's. Then. We'll take that causes your answer. -- see on the other hand prefers the direct approach. Aimed at baby. Yeah DC's three kids Tina -- to get a more in touch with one another and -- -- -- -- and provides them some fresh air on horseback. Coming lets you guys know about Larson. Can't find -- -- -- -- -- know nothing but soon they're both tall almost settled. At least he figured that it's time for a little bright lights big city to go to these babies. Big -- -- -- -- And look who's having fun this is what ladies do what we went around. -- the little discipline a little ball away but my little -- bring -- back. After the many cities there's a dazzling outfitter an. Water and I stress and older and track and I fit into. Little girl she got me then -- -- -- give. -- through red carpet premiere -- -- -- do with your head. -- pretty -- is there. Whether it's cozy time together. In man. -- times in the spotlight what -- doesn't want to sprinkle them every day. Turns out there's -- enough fun for everyone's. These different families. Say look at where he should have but where was -- -- -- Bobbie there's always a new adventure. Just around the corner Bobby get -- -- a monster truck Summer -- and just like yeah. Just like them. I wouldn't be surprised if world working for Bobby someday yes to Phillies getting fresh perspectives Larry it's fun to see Chris I I -- -- C I love the idea of her body that is good teammate. Thank you so much my friend and everybody check out celebrity wife swap tonight 9 PM eastern here on -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Lifestyles clash when \"Family Ties\" star swaps spouses with \"Reno 911\" comedian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15377343","title":"'Celebrity Wife Swap': Niecy Nash and Tina Yothers","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-wife-swap-niecy-nash-tina-yothers-15377343"}