Celine Dion on Houston

Performer "wanted to be like Whitney" when she began her career.
5:36 | 02/13/12

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Transcript for Celine Dion on Houston
Whitney was an inspiration to so many and she influence another. Superstar. The one and only Celine Dion who said that when she got -- -- she wanted to feel like Whitney and -- so great for you to join us on the phone right now good morning. Reminding everybody it is great we really appreciate your time Celine and I remember during that interview with Oprah in 2009. You spoke directly. On tape to Whitney and you said that you grew up listening to her -- and that everything you saying everything that she's saying inspired. You what influence -- -- have on you and your music. Now my -- -- -- -- -- -- that we thought this morning. I wish you could have been about something else. -- been an amazing inspiration for me I've been thinking what her my whole career actually. I wanted to have a real like her thing I heard looked beautiful my parents -- -- Efficient very unfortunate that. -- -- -- I don't know -- bad people are bad influence. Don't go over it took over freight train they took over it took over the -- and motherhood. I mean when you when you you know do you think about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe away. Michael -- then Amy Winehouse let me. How. Can he get into jobs like that for whatever reason it -- because it is stressed. Stress and that influenza -- -- what happened. What happens when you have everything fastened when you have loved -- support to families motherhood. You have. You have responsibilities. The mother and then. Something happens and it destroys everything in. There's something that happened that I don't and it's and then that's why I'm so scared scared death. And -- -- -- show business can't get -- you're not done. I'm get a hanging out and that's why don't -- parties and that's why don't hang out -- not part of show business because. We -- to be afraid. It's and -- as a -- As you know Celine that many not just in the the public side but that many. Face in and battle and it's interesting to hear you say that this is something that you think about and you're such a family person and that's part of the reason why don't. Go to two parties and such what what do you think her music. How her loss. Can you express what it means to you and what it means to the music world her loss. You know when the -- when music. -- -- Armed -- music changes a lot of a lot of people you know I'm very I'm sure that her music -- -- a lot of people. You know music is therapeutic and it's helping a lot of wonderful -- I'm sure -- -- Kids and parents who went who heard before -- -- show thanks to her that her music has been an inspiration that you know. We'll see if I refer to my own experience to a community. Meeting with young kids that mothers who come -- say that. They've they've had some trouble in their lives and our music -- been helping damned good she worked to go through. Things -- life and being sickened and listening his artist's music and that. You know what I do performances -- people Palestinians say you know like my dad blood. A member of my family are I'm going through cancer right now and I'm listening -- immunity and you're helping me out. Music is very therapeutic. But. Her musical travels sort of at the time -- But it's just tragic that she cannot even be part of it anymore. It is. If it's tragic end for -- we're live forever but it's not enough I mean does. Time after time we lose people. Listen last season. It's -- you know and and it connected no time for that. Then I mean taking -- can go perform and they can -- out to wake up and taking bill devoted -- had. Taking drugs get it. I mean. It's so unfortunate. And I've always said it and you back here hop beat. -- Gardens and use immunity they can never be part you can never be part of show business if you don't know what it's gonna get and you have to deal work getting -- fun and get out of there. -- saying what make you fall they continue going up with the wrong people and I mean she had a family. Fox didn't turn -- also remain -- again with the F should have very loving family they they when they reached out to her many times and -- -- demon. Unfortunately fact that they -- know -- what happened dummy cop. -- stronger than all that -- younger and family dead dead motherhood then you'll love it now many lessons going nine. Many lessons we still have to learn when you are always so open and good but -- Elaine thank you very much and you said it best music does soothe the soul. At her music is doing -- your musical always -- that for us as well Saleem thank you. All the best to you thank you very much for joining us.

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{"id":15573116,"title":"Celine Dion on Houston","duration":"5:36","description":"Performer \"wanted to be like Whitney\" when she began her career.","url":"/GMA/video/celine-dion-whitney-houston-music-live-forever-15573116","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}