How Germy is your Cell Phone?

Researchers have found that some phones can be dirtier than a toilet seat.
3:29 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for How Germy is your Cell Phone?
"Gma" investigates taking a look at the germs on your cell phone. You may be sloked at how dirty they can get and some can make you sick and Mara schiavocampo has the story. ? Reporter: Cell phones, we all have them and we all use them for everything from talking to texting to tweeting. But those smartphones aren't just picking up a signal. In many cases they're picking up germs and bacteria from your surroundings and hands. An extension of your hand really is the telephone. 11th digit. 11th finger. Reporter: The doctor says direct contact like kissing and sneezing and incorrect contact with objects like cell phones accounts for 0% of infections. And research has found some phones are even dirtier than a toilet seat. Those determines become even more dangerous when the phones are placed up to your face near your eyes, nose and mouth so just how bad is it? "Gma" investigates asked university of Arizona researcher sherry Carolina find out. I saw him spit on it and wipe it with a Kleenex. Reporter: She tested 15 devices using a tool that instantly measures the amount of organic material on a surface. It includes Breaking news in the city of Lowell, with are a fire, a large fire, where several people are unaccounted for right now. Antoinette Antonio is live at the scene of that fire on branch street with the details for us. Antoinette? This fire is here at the corner of queen and branch street in Lowell. It's a tense situation. Firefighters are going into this building right now. We got an update from the deputy fire chief, who says they are doing a search for bodies. There are several people who are unaccounted for at this point. We also know that several people went to the hospital. At this point, the deputy fire chief says it's a matter of searching this building where the fire happened. This apartment building is a multi-family apartment building, and also confirming who exactly went to the hospital. Right now I am joined live by sendara sun. You live across the street from where this fire happened. Tell me what you saw this morning around 4:00. I was in bed, and I woke up, and I heard a child screaming help me, help me, help me. It was really loud. I looked out my window, and I saw cop cars, and then I saw the baby actually fall from the third floor. I'm not sure if she was caught or not. It was really tragic. Did this look like an attempt of someone trying to save the baby by throwing him out to someone down below? Exactly. Exactly. I saw the parents like holding the child, and then, yeah, I just saw her fall. The deputy fire chief said also several people were up there on the top floor and had to be rescued out their windows with the ladders. What else did you see? Well, I saw a lot of fire trucks come from surrounding areas, like Nashua, chelmsford. That really surprised me because I didn't know how big the fire was until I went out to see, and then that whole side was burning, and it was really

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{"id":24501427,"title":"How Germy is your Cell Phone? ","duration":"3:29","description":"Researchers have found that some phones can be dirtier than a toilet seat.","url":"/GMA/video/cellphone-germs-sick-cellphone-making-sick-24501427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}