Cerebral Palsy Sparks Brothers' Triathlon Plan

Conner and Cayden Long's relationship flourished after idea was hatched to help brothers bond.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Transcript for Cerebral Palsy Sparks Brothers' Triathlon Plan
Thanks, folks. Now, to two brothers with a remarkable story this morning. Not only are they siblings, they're teammates, too. Triathletes unlike any we have ever seen. We're going to talk to conner and cayden in moments. But first, I want to show you this kapowerful journeys of theirs. For most young boys, like conner long, the bonds are formed outside. But cayden has been relegated to the sideline for most of his life. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, unable to walk or talk. It was really hard for them to bond. Conner wished that cayden could come out and play with him more. When you're special needs in a wheelchair, you're not able to get out that much. Reporter: Then, an idea borne out of a desire. Not just brothers, but teammates, competing together in a triathlon. I see him smiling and laughing, that means he's having a good time. Reporter: Racing has united them. So, they took on the biggest race they could find, the iron kids triathlon. Though, they finished last, they finishedether, as one. It's changed him. He's found something he can do. Give baba a good hug. It was such an honor to bring their story to you on "world news" earlier this summer. And joining us, now, conner and cayden and mother, jennie. Boy, guys, welcome. It's so great to see you here again, conner. What have you been up to? We saw you in the summer doing your iron kids triathlon with your teammate here. What have you been doing since? A couple days ago, I got a new bike. I went around the block five times. You did? What's the hardest part about a triathlon. There's the biking and the swimming and the running. The swimming because it requires a lot of technique. And it's really hard to get all that down. Just to let you know, jennie, I know the story's been told. What's it like to see, not just the story, but knowing what it's doing and who it's touching? It's amazing. It's almost -- it takes us back a lot. Me and my husband, just because, you know, we think back to seven years ago, when we got the diagnosis. We never would have thought that our family would be here, more or less, our two sons. We grieved a long time, just the loss of normalcy. Sure. We thought, what was normal, what other children were supposed to be able to do. They're so close in age. It seems, though, they are still, and inspiring a lot of folks. They are. And that's what's remarkable. We thought we would have lost that. We've been so moved by them. I know, you were in the running for "sports illustrated" sports kids of the year. We have a little surprise for you, conner. Bob durr, a former colleague of mine, for "sports illustrated" for kids. I'm bob durr. What brings you here, bob? I'm here to let you guys know that you are officially the 2012 "sports illustrated" sports kids of the year. We have, for each of you, your official jackets. Your varsity jackets. We're going to come out to tennessee, to interview all of you and shoot you for the cover of the december issue of "sports illustrated" kids. And coming back to new york in december, to appear at the "sports illustrated" sportsman of the year ceremony. I can tell you what. I know there's a lot of deserving kids out there. A lot of deserving kids out there. I cannot think of any two more

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{"id":17552289,"title":"Cerebral Palsy Sparks Brothers' Triathlon Plan","duration":"3:00","description":"Conner and Cayden Long's relationship flourished after idea was hatched to help brothers bond.","url":"/GMA/video/cerebral-palsy-sparks-brothers-conner-cayden-longs-triathlon-17552289","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}