Ochocinco's Wife Discusses Star's Arrest, Head-Butt Charge

Evelyn Lozada speaks publicly about her recent breakup with former NFL star Chad Johnson.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for Ochocinco's Wife Discusses Star's Arrest, Head-Butt Charge
For the first time, reality tv star en lozada is talking publicly about her breakup with chad johnson. She opens up about the infamous head-butting incident. She talked about ending their marriage after just six weeks. She spoke to our amy robach. We're getting ready to get married. How do you feel about it? I am stoked. Reporter: Millions watched as evelyn lozada and chad ocho cinco johnson got ready to get married. She, the star of "basketball wives." And he, the larger than life football player. They danced into our homes on "dancing with the stars." It seemed th ed the sky was the limit The fairy tale crashed down the an instant. He grabbed me right here and head-butted me. All I felt was, like, row know, blood coming down my face. Reporter: It ended with evelyn getting six stitches in her forehead and chad getting arrested. You have been charged with battery, domestic violence. Reporter: And now a divorce filing after 41 days. It began when she found a receipt in chad's car for condoms. It was three weeks after my wedding. Reporter: She says hen she confronted him, he denied being unfaithful. He said he bought them for a friend. I knew he was lying. I said I'm not sticking by you with this. I don't care if my marriage is the laughing stock of the the world. And then the next thing I know, he head-butted me. Reporter: Chad johnson decline our request for an interview about what he says happened that night. In a statement to police, he claimed she head-butted him. Even though she appeared to be the victim with six stitches, many didn't believe her story. Here's why. So when word of the head-butting got out, the internet lit up in a fire storm of controversy. Comments likes she deserved it, she's a bully. Do you understand why people have said the things they is said? I understand it. But I also think that it's like saying, well, looks at that woman, look what she had on. That's why she got raped. You know, I just feel like -- i feel it's a little unfair. Whatever the perception of me is on "basketball wives," that doesn't justify what happened that day. Reporter: The show about to start its fifth season has long been controversial because of what many say is excessive violence. There's a petition with 30,000 signatures asking viacom to take the show off the air. And chad was fired from the dolphins the day after the int dent. He's remained largely silent after the incident. Tweeting iing only this a few days ago. I've made my bed. I have to sleep in it. He said, I wish evelyn nothing but the best. I love her very much. How does that feel to hear that? Sad. It's the hardest thing. In the world. To walk away from someone that you really love. And you have to walk away because I have to protect myself. Reporter: For "good morning america," amy robach, abc news, new york. Clearly it's painful to both sides. And reality tv often makes it look like there's though consequences to behavior. But there always are consequences. Putting yourself on reality tv, you let it all out. Coming up, the dad whose got

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{"id":17141399,"title":"Ochocinco's Wife Discusses Star's Arrest, Head-Butt Charge","duration":"3:00","description":"Evelyn Lozada speaks publicly about her recent breakup with former NFL star Chad Johnson.","url":"/GMA/video/chad-ochocinco-johnson-wife-evelyn-lozada-interview-head-butt-arrested-charge-17141399","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}