Ohio School Student: 'Don't Know How to Handle It

Tyler Lillash talks to George Stephanopoulos about the shooting at his school.
2:22 | 02/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ohio School Student: 'Don't Know How to Handle It
-- let's turn at a time you'll last another -- -- in high school I spoke with him moments ago. Take effect of that scene yesterday I know you -- in class at the time of the shooting what was the first thing you -- -- gunshots now pop pop pop and then we don't know what it was a -- like someone like -- and a locker shut and then. We just -- Henderson running yelling you know -- ever going to down and then that's when we -- the lockdown mode complete -- NC state in the classroom. Yeah shut the door -- that millions Ottoman a corner underneath the -- And what more do you know about TJ -- there have been some reports as we just heard. That he had been bullied and made even sent out some warnings about issues. What I know -- -- -- bullied but. I mean he had friends -- quiet -- beautiful enough. But. When I heard he posted some of pictures on quarter of like some. Some -- holding guns but other matter really not thinking is -- -- no talk around the school he might do something like this. Not not at all never millionaires. And do you know if he had any problems with that group of students he seemed to be targeting in the cafeteria. None on and off. I know you're a good friend of Danny who. Who did die yesterday. In lesson in such a blow when you first heard that news. Yeah -- this sort of trying uncontrollable -- -- I've known any for six years and stunning -- pastime now boasts -- -- handle it to be honest. And you all the students all went to a vigil last night tell us about that. -- who is this the bunch -- handles. -- -- in trying in this reminiscing about all the people who were wounded in. Singing songs and so prevent this remembering Danny and Russell -- How are you all gonna pull together after this. -- that together they mean. Hope this doesn't happen again you know this stuff -- that the strengths together. People -- so sorry for what happened hope you're doing okay and thanks for joining us this morning. -- Terrible moment for small town.

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{"id":15806457,"title":"Ohio School Student: 'Don't Know How to Handle It","duration":"2:22","description":"Tyler Lillash talks to George Stephanopoulos about the shooting at his school.","url":"/GMA/video/chardon-high-school-student-interview-shooting-dont-handle-15806457","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}