Ohio School Shooting: Who Is Alleged Shooter?

Two students were killed and three were seriously injured in the shooting.
3:07 | 02/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ohio School Shooting: Who Is Alleged Shooter?
We do Begin with the latest on that small Ohio town in shock after -- high school shooting -- we just learned has left two students dead three more seriously injured. The teenager opened fire in the cafeteria will appear in court today in ABC's rainy night in joins us from -- and Ohio where they are grieving today. And trying to figure out what drove this forward to kill good morning arena. Good morning George we are learning more about TJ lane that high school sophomore accused of that violent Rampage here. He is reportedly in solitary confinement schools here are closed today and just a matter of minutes ago we have received word. That another one of his victims has died bringing the death tolls to two. This morning police and the FBI are reportedly poring over surveillance video showing the chaotic moments. As seventeen year old TJ lane. Allegedly pulled out a 22 caliber handgun. At this -- high cafeteria. And opened fire. -- we have been enacted here at night school. Pretty -- and the -- we'll. Sixteen year old Danny Parma -- -- killed. Four others seriously wounded -- eight Mueller was eating breakfast when shots were fire. We heard a loud pop when firecracker. Of a stand and I turned. And I looked to me is standing -- this table and exploiting his gun. And it took one moyers show. Mueller saw the flash of the handguns muzzle a bullet Greece is here is Ted everything had just. Gonzalvez. BC glances they are friends -- all of the players there's -- there's people scream and everybody's got an indefinite interactions and we're just. Trying to get out. As shots rang out students ran screaming through halls teachers locked classroom doors assistant football coach frank hall chased laid out of the school. -- was arrested half a mile away near his car. Students who knew -- described him as quiet an outcast who had been bullied Alexi -- passed him in the hall before the shooting. He didn't seem any different he seemed just how he would be on and on Monday he -- showing me expression on his face he -- He was just keep getting. Local news accounts say Lane's parents have both face criminal charges of domestic violence his father reportedly served time in prison. On his FaceBook page link posted a -- on the late December which read now feel -- feels smaller beneath my night died all of -- Bobby priestess was -- classmate. What was -- like. TJ was the last person expected to do something like this pretty quiet scores mean when you said I don't mean you know usually. There's a -- high -- very graciously pleased. At a prayer service overnight the town gathered -- we don't know to figuring out so. This is -- those things just got to sit back and let god be god. Police haven't confirmed that lane is in fact the -- attorney hired. By his parents say they are expressing their condolences. And that they could not have expected this to happen there will be a court hearing this afternoon. At 330.

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{"id":15806423,"title":"Ohio School Shooting: Who Is Alleged Shooter?","duration":"3:07","description":"Two students were killed and three were seriously injured in the shooting.","url":"/GMA/video/chardon-ohio-school-shooting-alleged-shooter-tj-lane-15806423","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}