Chef Fabio Viviani Cooks Carrot-Ginger Bisque

"Life After Top Chef" star shares classic Thanksgiving, fall dishes.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Transcript for Chef Fabio Viviani Cooks Carrot-Ginger Bisque
And guess what. Thanks giving is right around the corner. Here to share some seasonal comfort food recipes with us, is chef fabio viviani. Welcome. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me. We have during -- fall is on the door. The weather's getting a little cloudy. We can be warm and orange. We're going to get to the cooking just a sec. We have something for lara, actually. We want to put another "gma's" own lara spencer and josh elliott were both on your show. Let's look at the clip. What are we looking at? "Gma," I have two very good friend there's. One is josh, one of the hosts. I love him. And lara spencer. Why don't you separate us? Really? I love this. We always, always have a blast. Lots of love to go around. One more hug. We're cooking carrot ginger soup here? We got a little boil in there. The base is shallots and ginger root. A lot of people are worried that ginger root is too fibery. If you let them cook down and blend them, they will be nice and soft. They will cook through. Rice? It's about ready. The good news, if it's orange, people will not meet the pumpkin when they're not having it. Shallots, carrots, ginger and cream. Flour and butter to bring it together. If you want to make it vegetarian, you can use olive oil instead of butter. And instead of using chicken stock, use vegetable stock. About an hour, maybe 45 minutes. And your whole kitchen will smell amazing. Yeah. Then, we're going to blend it with a hand-held. The oil, the ginger, the carrot, will make everything nice and smooth. Once you have the whole thing blended what you want to do is a little bit of seasoning. This case, you can season it with pumpkins. Let me get a towel for you. What a gentleman. What a gentleman. At the end of the day, you season with whatever you like. Pumpkin spice, a little salt and pepper, little cloves. Everything works well. What do you top it with right here? Fresh parsley. Correct. You can add a little chive. Add whatever you like. And also, a fantastic dish. The soup for our pork roast. Is that pork and apple sauce? Well -- apple sauce is not quite italian. We have cooked apple with brown sugar and lemon juice. The pork has seasoning around fennel, rosemary. Nice holiday. Let me serve you some, please. There is no green. It's very, very light. Can you give us one good tip when you're cooking a pork roast of that size? Leave it alone. Here's a deal. Many people go back. They have -- they check on it. You have to leave it alone. A good roast has to sit in the oven, low and slow. Low and slow. I like that. Salad down there, too. We got an arugula salad, grilled figs. Fig is a kind of fruit, that when you grill it, brings out so much goodness. We have walnuts and arugula. Thank you. We want to tell you, all of the recipes are online. They're all fabulous. Check it out. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Fabio, thanks so much.

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{"id":17571517,"title":"Chef Fabio Viviani Cooks Carrot-Ginger Bisque","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Life After Top Chef\" star shares classic Thanksgiving, fall dishes.","url":"/GMA/video/chef-fabio-viviani-cooks-carrot-ginger-bisque-17571517","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}