Chelsea Clinton Rallies with GWU

Students to collect phones to aid health workers with help from Chelsea Clinton.
2:40 | 10/23/11

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Transcript for Chelsea Clinton Rallies with GWU
Chelsea Clinton has always been in the public -- from the time she was twelve year old moving into the White House to her fairy tale wedding last summer but she has almost never sought out the spotlight. Now though she is intentionally putting yourself out there. For a good 'cause ABC's juju Chang caught up with the former first daughter. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton rarely grants interviews but this past week she was talking. To college students and to me about something she cares deeply about. -- and it here -- every 20000. You that you. Point and thought I thought -- -- it or. Just getting upset about it. She's teaming up with supermodel Christie -- to burns to help these students in their efforts to save the 1000 women who die every day didn't work. I really. They believe the government for those of -- candidates to do things absolute evidence of that type. Not only interest and motivation. Commitment and commitment to see it through. Is a hallmark of this generation. -- guys. People have been coming to George Washington University to turn in their old cellphones dusty old cellphone. They're going to be re -- and given out to community health workers to literally help save lives on the other side of the plan. This -- will help over half -- million people it all started four years ago when a sophomore at Stanford went to Malawi to volunteer at a hospital helping children with HIV. They literally had patients walking. Sixties -- a hundred miles health care Josh Nesbitt brilliant idea used cutting edge software to turn a laptop into a mini mobile satellite dish that would help refers to -- their patients. Instead of walking for day. Suit -- -- like. Global line on -- yeah absolutely. Ecstatic yeah. We throw away a half a million phones every year. It just could recycle just 1% to buy new -- He could and -- million health workers improving the lives of fifty million people. Today Johnson's nonprofit medic mobile provides funds for health care workers in eleven country. Obviously -- days. And speaks to something and He absolutely what those funds will be -- purpose to do or what funds from the recycled phones will enable mobile home technology. Will be able to measure intact. Into the Vietnamese students here feel really good about what they did and they know that they really needed different.

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{"id":14795964,"title":"Chelsea Clinton Rallies with GWU","duration":"2:40","description":"Students to collect phones to aid health workers with help from Chelsea Clinton.","url":"/GMA/video/chelsea-clinton-cell-phone-14795964","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}