Cheryl Burke Dishes on Upcoming 'DWTS' Season

Professional dancer, "Dancing Lessons" author discusses new edition of her book.
4:29 | 02/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cheryl Burke Dishes on Upcoming 'DWTS' Season
We have so miss this young lady that. It's been months since we -- -- last dose of one of our favorite -- and Dancing With The Stars. But it won't be long now the new cast will be revealed right here on GMA very excited for this. February 28. And then the new season will start on March 19 and Cheryl is here right now to tell us. All about -- saying and about her book the new paperback edition of dancing lessons. It's a very revealing memoir and it's on sale now welcome back from things you for having the amnesty guy we missed you we cannot wait to talk about dancing I -- -- -- -- next. I do want to talk to buy your book because as I sad very revealing very personal also really inspiring you talk a lot about. Body image and -- fact that it can happen yourself esteem in the book -- really does you know I was in the center at attention and when -- that happened a few years ago and I just feel like. -- it just sends the wrong message out there are two women and I just. When I talk to people out there at home and does make them realize that he and we need to stop this stereotype. Being. Stick then wouldn't it is -- -- -- feel healthy and feel great about yourself he need to really. And brace your body and embraced those curves just embrace and does feel great about yourself who you shocked at all of the commotion around -- you've gained five -- -- five. And -- -- all over tablets yeah you know it was just it was upsetting you know I'm humid to -- it hurts to be able to read that about yourself and -- -- people constantly on -- About while you -- -- -- you know you're too fat for television you too fat to be a dancer and I just -- that really just sends out the wrong -- -- is not healthy. For women to see that little girl has little girl -- that you guys -- -- consensus you know we all have different body types. Currently -- I am not -- then. I just really have to embrace my body and I now that I now I'm healthy I feel great. And he just -- -- Own you know you really need to go out there and just -- that is a great message to -- and you do so in your volcano you can a lot of fan now from young girls. And you continue to make sure they know that beauty comes in all shapes -- -- exactly absolutely we got a dish dancing. OK I -- -- so let's say they're the new cast is getting announced right here very soon into the month. You really don't have a clue because of course the speculation is -- -- I have no clue I think and heard any rumors yet. Which is surprising to -- at least aren't like three weeks writing in about three weeks the -- is being announced soon but it's so exciting thing everyone is just like. -- -- who's going to be on T go online and look and -- well. Yeah I mean I go online Harriet contract and -- OK what are the rumors starting most of the time and even know who my partner it does. And -- Smith I had to Google. -- a -- that. Today I have to -- you when I walk into this dark. Let me give everything -- expect this to -- -- -- -- And worked I want it didn't need a great he was there any partner that you. Got that you thought. Well this could be a major challenge. You know -- and she -- I -- -- really -- Emmy night was like okay. You know what what alien and jailhouse interview the CNN he looks at the -- You know what -- Italians going to be me think. You know having a self esteem making sure that comes out there being confident in the beginning there was so -- -- And -- -- he really shocked me every single week. I've never seen anyone improved so much like I did with Robin yeah I was totally rooting for him and I feel like. People started really to still love him and started to see. Who he really was yeah yeah we all we all have jumped on the -- -- -- -- he was pretty I mean really I won't list any of three weeks and yet they're -- last night casting changes this is your chance. -- -- -- -- Really quickly proved that they would if they right. Right now I'm Victor -- right. Have a license salsa I fat. Yeah Seattle loves to dance at it I think -- would be great -- -- now let the cat actor that's been an act of putting out there and severe selling thank you so much billionaire we can see you back. -- be with you guys live for the big announcement and we will be there throughout the rides her better writing and it coming -- we will be revealing. Even more so stay with us.

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{"id":15521605,"title":"Cheryl Burke Dishes on Upcoming 'DWTS' Season","duration":"4:29","description":"Professional dancer, \"Dancing Lessons\" author discusses new edition of her book.","url":"/GMA/video/cheryl-burke-dishes-upcoming-dancing-stars-dwts-season-15521605","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}