Daphne Oz's Lightened Up Strawberry Shortcake

"The Chew" co-host whips up some delicious summer treats.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Daphne Oz's Lightened Up Strawberry Shortcake
square, with our friend, daphne oz, from "the chew." Great to have you back. I want to get to the great summer treats. You've been going all around the country, including hawaii, to check out "the last resort," a new abc show. "The chew" has our first-ever primetime session coming up. We've been traveling across the country, getting to talk with the other stars from primetime. I got the hard job, and went to hawaii. Talked with andre braugher. How is it? Do we have any of it? He's a great guy. And we're giving the juicy bits. And the special again? SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, AT 10:00 a.M. Put me to work. We're going to show you summer sweet treats. I heard you like to get busy in the kitchen. Blueberry whoopie pies. All-purpose flour. All of the cocoa. Some salt and some baking soda. Whisk that together. Take the eggs. I have butter and sugar cream here. I'm adding an egg. And you and I are going to add about half that flour. And -- who is oohing and awing? I like it. You're going to like this. Perfect. Thank you. Now, here's the dealith that recipe. Blueberries are in high season. You get those at the bottom of the pint you don't want to eat. This is a great way to put the flavor of summer into a decadent rookie without going yefr board. We have our batter here. You're going to drop teaspoon-sized portions on this pan here. I love this. Here's the deal. This is really a cross combination. It's a cupcake, it's a cake, it's a cookie. You want them to be moist in the oven. They have five to seven minutes at 425. These are great blueberries. You could use cream cheese. We're not going to use cream cheese. You're going to use mascarpone cheese. You put it through the strain here. A little vanilla extract. If you felt you needed your honey. Add the honey in. Give it a sweet touch. Maple syrup would work great in here. That was easy. So simple. You can make this with the girls. I know you're waiting for your cake. It's okay. We're going to start to assemble. You give that a try. This is a lightened-up short cake. This is really good. Super easy to make. Put strawberry, and the yogurt. You're going to hold that ah. Balsamic reduction. Interesting. Interesting and complex. The acidity brightens up the sweetness and pairs beautifully with the strawberries. That's not chocolate? It is not chocolate. I'm going to blow your mind more. Fresh cracked pepper. You know I love smoothies. This is my superfood smoothie. The pepper's a nice finish. He likes it. He likes it. Bananas, strawberry, yogurt. A little bit of buffered vitamin c. You take a capsule, open it up in your blender. And freeze it into a popsicle. A great afternoon snack, breakfast on the go. Anything. It feels like I shouldn't be eating this. You should be eating this. Tç

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{"id":17001178,"title":"Daphne Oz's Lightened Up Strawberry Shortcake","duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Chew\" co-host whips up some delicious summer treats.","url":"/GMA/video/chews-daphne-ozs-lightened-strawberry-shortcake-17001178","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}