Chikungunya Virus Cases Reported in the U.S.

Health alert issued for the viral disease that originated in the Caribbean.
1:42 | 07/20/14

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Transcript for Chikungunya Virus Cases Reported in the U.S.
Florida. We bring you a health update this morning. For the first time, mosquitos are spreading a painful viral disease that has been running rampant through the caribbean. Now two people in Florida has gotten chikungunya infections caught here in the U.S. Dr. Richard Besser joins us with more. What is this disease? Chikungunya is a nasty disease. Fever, muscle aches, joint pain. The joint pain can last for many months. That's the thing that distinguishes it. How alarmd are you that it's usually asquared abroad and these are the first two cases acquired domestically. Weave been watching for this. There are now hundreds of thousands of cases. We expected we would see disease here. The idea here is a mosquito from the caribbean hitched a ride to tus and infected someone. Or a mosquito bit a traveler that was back here and then infected someone else. I had a long talk of the head of mosque mosquito-borne disease. We may see clusters. We use a lot of air conditioning. The windows are closed. Mosquitos don't have access to people's homes like they do in other countries. He doesn't expect it to be widespread. Preventative tips? It's west nile virus season. You want to avoid mosquitos. Bug spray, get riz of standing water, make sure your screens are in tact. Thank you. Thank you, Dr. B. This morning, we take a moment to remember a towering

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{"id":24637401,"title":"Chikungunya Virus Cases Reported in the U.S.","duration":"1:42","description":"Health alert issued for the viral disease that originated in the Caribbean.","url":"/GMA/video/chikungunya-virus-cases-reported-us-24637401","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}