In Test, Child Sleeps Through Fire Alarm

With the help of the Syracuse Fire Department we tested the Decampo family fire plan.
1:50 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for In Test, Child Sleeps Through Fire Alarm
It's estimated seven people are killed every day in America in house fires. For that very reason agencies like the Syracuse, New York fire department. Haven't sold 40000 smoke detectors in homes of local residents since 2001. For free. Nationwide failings are encouraged to have their own fire safety plan. But the help -- the Syracuse fire department we tested the decay ample families fire plan to put together after a neighbor's house burned down over the summer. Son Eli explains. If you're sleeping and the smoke alarm goes off -- go downstairs and sold four point out the front door. But -- just for your sister Lila who where his parents and in -- Sometimes the smoke alarm goes off when I'm cooking he has actually -- -- -- so with a parent. Permission we put infrared cameras in the kid's bedroom and hallway and waited for them to fall asleep. That's deputy fire chief bill elder broom with a theatrical smoke it's harmless. Now watch what happens. She's getting up and -- -- wonder there's smoke in a very good. -- -- never wakes up her mother eventually has to go get here. In a rural fire authorities tell us this bedroom could have gone up in flames in 45 seconds. Because of all the synthetics in modern homes there's plenty of fuel for fights that double in size every minute. There is good news studies have shown children as young as three can learn a -- fire safety plane with practice. For Yahoo! News and ABC news I'm Byron Pitts you can follow me on Twitter -- by reports.

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{"id":20733129,"title":"In Test, Child Sleeps Through Fire Alarm","duration":"1:50","description":"With the help of the Syracuse Fire Department we tested the Decampo family fire plan.","url":"/GMA/video/child-sleeps-fire-alarm-test-20733129","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}