Children Challenge Polo Mogul's Girlfriend Adoption

John Goodman's biological children are asking that the adoption be thrown out.
2:00 | 02/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Children Challenge Polo Mogul's Girlfriend Adoption
You may legal analyst Dan Abrams -- them pick up from there I mean how likely is that that that teens can. -- -- that's what it's interesting that now you have what's the a guardian of light meaning a representative -- the biological children going into court and saying you're hurting. Our interest here that he probably wasn't even thinking about that angle. Of this -- now you have them going in and saying we would never given notice. Of this adoption which could affect. Our rights and -- effectively their money that's the strongest argument here to say they were entitled to at least notice. They didn't get it. As a result this adoption should be invalidated but there -- a number of possible reasons to invalidate this adoption. And as a result and in particular because of all this publicity I think at the adoption will be invalidated. These -- the publicity because this happened but then October but we're now just. Learning about it and this is this is that a big deal that is being so public this is the worst thing that could've happened to him at this going public because you don't were -- sitting here laughing that's everyone's laughing at this this -- are you kidding me. Adopting its 42 year old girlfriend -- please. And so that has got to have an impact on judges particularly one of the arguments that's being made in court as it violates public policy what does that mean. It effectively means the this isn't what the adoption statute was supposed to deal. And you've got a lot of leeway when you make that sort of argument. And when you have the public looking at this and saying. This is our legal system. Com I think you're going to have a judge at some point step in and say. We can't have this happens -- -- publicity I think he's been very very harmful and the critical criminal case against them. Things pretty strong and and also -- Come on. This guy this is the same guy who tried to adopt his 42 year old. A girlfriend took I think in the end this is gonna be illegal maneuver that backfires -- and two ways it could back a threat all right Dan thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"John Goodman's biological children are asking that the adoption be thrown out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15554508","title":"Children Challenge Polo Mogul's Girlfriend Adoption","url":"/GMA/video/children-challenge-polo-moguls-girlfriend-adoption-court-15554508"}